Srabanti Chatterjee: The attention is not moving away from the actress, Srabanti took the net world by sharing the video.

Srabanti Chatterjee is one of the popular actresses of Tollypara. For some reason, he is at the center of media practice in the net world. There is no end of curiosity about his personal life. But he never let his personal life affect his work. However, nowadays the actress goes out in between work. He spends time alone with his close people, which can be glimpsed on his social media page. The actress is often sought after for her own pictures or videos.

Srabanti Chatterjee has spread warmth among a section of netizens in the net world based on a video shared by the actress recently. There, the actress was seen in a bold look to catch everyone’s attention. Open hair, black dress impressed the fans. Especially her feet caught Nupur’s attention. It is to be noted that he was present at the birthday ceremony of popular actress Falak Rashid Roy in this Katilana look. The event was star-studded, but its glimpses will be seen on social media. For now, he is in the light of practice in that formula.

In the recent viral video shared by the actress, the actress was seen striking various poses in front of the moving camera. The fact that the camera was a little higher is evident from the actress’s pose. And the look of the actress in the form of a video has caught the attention of the netizens at the moment.

Actress Falak Rashid Roy’s birthday was attended by several famous stars of the industry. One of them is Srabanti Chatterjee. That, however, is not waiting to be told separately. Apart from Srabanti, Raj-Shubashree, Rudranil Ghosh, Indrasheesh Roy and his wife were present there. The leader of ‘Soumi’ was also present. Besides, more than one familiar face has been seen. Of course, his glimpse will also be found on Rashida’s social media page.

It should be noted that Rashida was seen in a bold black dress at her birthday party. The birthday girl grabbed everyone’s attention with her open hair and glamorous make-up. He organized his birthday party at a five-star hotel in the city, ‘Vertex-The Liquid Restaurant’. That too will be clear if you look at the social media pages of the actress.

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