Varun-Kriti: Kriti lifts the veil on secrets in front of Varun Dhawan

Varun Dhawan has already caught the attention of B-town with his acting skills. He gave the audience different roles in films like ‘Badlapur’, ‘October’. Kriti Sanon is not behind in this list. Her performance in ‘Mimi’ is also commendable. But these two names are going to be joined together in the country’s first horror-creature-comedy film ‘Bhediya’ (Bhediya). And actress Kriti Sanon shared a secret chapter of her life while promoting this film. Everyone was shocked to hear what Varun Dhawan said in response.

Recently, the duo was spotted in an interview promoting the upcoming film. And here actress Kriti Sanon is asked if she has ever had to leave a project because they asked for more money? In response, Kriti said, “I can’t say whether I lost the job because I asked for more money, but I accepted because I didn’t get the amount of money for the job. But yes, if I liked the film and I would not want to leave the work of the film”. In view of this, Varun says that if you like the film, the remuneration never comes first. Referring to the film ‘Badlapur’, he said, “I wanted to make the films. So the remuneration did not come earlier”.

But then Kriti said, “I have done films for very less money several times, but sometimes I feel like people are cheating me. It’s not worth what I’m worth.” Varun Dhawan spoke about standing up to this and gave several examples, saying, “It happens more with women. Various problems arise when it comes to money. But I know several fellow female actors who are now very happy with their pay.” Several fans commented on the video. One even said, ‘Kriti is suffering because her juniors are earning more than her.’

Incidentally, director Amar Kaushik’s film ‘Bheriya’ is releasing on the big screen next Friday. Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon are going to different cities of India to promote the country’s first horror-creature-comedy film. The two stars of the film recently crossed the borders of the country and reached Marushahar in Dubai. There, the trailer of ‘Bheriya’ was shown on the wall of Burj Khalifa.

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