65-year-old Anil Kapoor did such a thing with the 28-year-old actress, the picture went viral on the Internet

Bollywood industry actor Anil Kapoor has a big event coming up. This proverbial actor of the world is talking about a kiss scene. He kissed actress Surveen Chawla, who is the same age as his daughter Sonam Kapoor. Yes, at the age of 65, actor Anil Kapoor got close with 28-year-old Surveen Chawla. Although not in real life, Anil Kapoor had to do this kiss scene just for the sake of the film.

The second series of Anil Kapoor’s TV show 24 is coming soon, the show has many intimate scenes between Anil Kapoor and Hate Story 2 actress Surveen Chawla. But, that’s all for character needs. In real life such an incident did not happen. However, among the most practiced of these incidents is a kissing scene. There is a lot of talk going on in many places about this scene right now. Because the age difference between the two is huge and many people cannot accept the closeness of the two in this situation.

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Recently, when actor Anil Kapoor was asked about this scene, was he nervous while doing this scene? He calmly said that he only did his own thing. Due to the need of the character, many times we have to act in many scenes, which we do not like. It’s just our job, I don’t get nervous, we take it sportingly. We were given such a script, so we did it!

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