These actors are in love with their daughter’s age, big news came out

From their work in the glamor world of Bollywood stars, their personal lives are all in the eye of the fans. When an actor or actress has posted a picture on social media or where their favorite stars are going to travel or with whom they are spending time, everything is practiced in the world of social media. And to maintain their popularity, the stars also post different types of pictures or videos almost every day, maintaining contact with fans. Aamir Khan is a very popular star in this Bali world. He has won the hearts of millions by working in several hit Hindi movies.

Currently, Bollywood star Aamir Khan is very popular in India and abroad. Many praised his skillful acting ability and gave him the name Bollywood perfectionist. His hit films are always discussed on social media. However, in the last few months, Aamir Khan has come under the spotlight of netizens for a decision in his personal life. In fact, he divorced his second wife Kiran Rao a few days ago. Since then there have been rumors that the Bollywood perfectionist is in love with actress Fatima Sana Sheikh.

Nowadays, sometimes Fatima Sana Sheikh and Aamir Khan face the paparazzi while spending time alone. It can be said that they are in love with each other. If they want their relationship to last, Aamir Khan will marry his daughter’s age, Fatima Sana Sheikh. Saif Ali Khan is also in this list. Although Saif Ali Khan was earlier married to Amrita Singh. But now Saif Ali Khan married actress Kareena Kapoor Khan who is 12 years younger than him and is having a family with her.

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