Anjali Arora: MMS controversy is over, what is Anjali doing on the empty streets in the dark!

Anjali Arora (Anjali Arora) is a name known to everyone in the MMS Kanda Doula. He once became a sensation of Netdunya by dancing to the song ‘Kachha Badam’. Recently, whatever Anjali does, the media’s attention is on her. He also made headlines at his birthday party. Now he made new news by dancing on the street.

Recently, Anjali’s dance video has gone viral on social media. In the video, he is seen dancing alone in an empty and dark street. Anjali is dancing in a provocative way. He is wearing a black full-sleeve top and gray trousers. Anjali tied her hair. He is dancing in the streets. Anjali danced to DJ Usman Bhatti’s popular song ‘Tu Aaja’. But Anjali’s fate of dancing in the empty streets has brought criticism instead of praise.

Some of the netizens mocked his character. Many have said that she is not a girl of convenience. However, Anjali made this video to create controversy. Recently released his music video ‘Sajna Hai Mujhe’. But he has been accused of wearing obscene clothes in this music video. But Anjali thinks that everyone listens even if they are wearing a saree. Actually everyone looks for an opportunity to troll.

Anjali participated in Ekta Kapoor’s reality show ‘Lock-Up’ this year. While she was on the show, a lewd MMS of hers went viral on social media. But Anjali’s parents approached the law in this incident. But after exiting the show, another vulgar MMS went viral claiming that the girl in the video is Anjali. But Anjali dismissed this claim.

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