Hero Alom: Bangladeshi actor Alam gave such a condition to work in Bollywood, you will be shocked to know

Hero Alam is one of the troll content on the net media. He is just a source of laughter for the netizens. His mannerisms, mannerisms, and attire are ridiculous. He is a source of laughter for everyone because of himself. He went viral on the net media by singing in a raspy voice, with wrong words. Recently, Ashraful Hossain of Bogra, Bangladesh once again made himself a laughingstock.

Bollywood stars are known not only in their own country but also to people all over the world. There are many actresses in Bollywood with whom many heroes dream to share the screen. But recently, Bangladeshi hero Alam has expressed his desire to act with Bolli diva Deepika Padukone, which has raised many eyebrows.

According to him, he is willing to act on the Bollywood screen if he gets a chance to romance Deepika Padukone onscreen. The whole netpara is laughing after hearing his statement. Naturally, he has once again become a source of laughter among most of the netizens in the net world for his bold comments.

It should be noted that there are many complaints against Hero Alam. Apart from Rabindra Sangeet, there are allegations against him of insulting classical music. He is also accused of singing obscene songs. He claims to be an artist but to most people he is just troll content. Hero Alam is currently being discussed on social media pages. Because his recent blasphemy comments are the reason why he is being discussed in the net world. But needless to say, this hero Alam of Bangladesh has earned a different identity to everyone for his strange activities, be it positive or negative.

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