In terms of beauty, Madhuri Dixit will also fail, get to know Akshay Kumar’s sister-in-law

Superstar Akshay Kumar is considered a trendsetter in his personal and professional life. Everyone is aware of Akshay Kumar’s wife Twinkle Khanna. She was a popular actress in her time. And now she is a popular columnist and renowned writer. However, today in this article we will talk about Twinkle Khanna’s sister. Akshay Kumar’s sister-in-law i.e. Twinkle Khanna’s sister Rinki Khanna was an actress herself like Twinkle. He teamed up with stars like Govinda. Besides, everyone was kind of charmed by her beauty. But, in a very short time, he said goodbye to Bollywood and removed himself from this entire glamor world. But why did Rinki take such action? Let’s talk about that.

Akshay Kumar’s sister-in-law Rinki Khanna is very beautiful in real life. However, despite being sisters-in-law, Akshay and Rinki have a sibling-like relationship. The relationship between the two is very deep. Akshay Ringke supports each other through thick and thin.

Rinki Khanna is actually the second daughter of Bollywood actor Rajesh Khanna. Rinki Khanna has also worked as an actress in several Bollywood films, though her film career has never been particularly good. Because of this, he said goodbye to Bollywood within a few years. Rinki Khanna started her film career with the film ‘Pair Mein Kavi Kavi’ released in 1999.

He then got an opportunity to work with Rinky Govinda in ‘Jees Desh Mein Ganga Rahta Hai’. But despite this, Rinkee could not find success in the film industry. Although judging from the point of view of beauty, she was first in the list of the most beautiful actresses of that time. However, despite being beautiful, her film career never got a chance to flourish. He acted in 9 films in his career. In 2004, he acted in the movie Chameli. But after that, Rinki Khanna bid farewell to Bollywood.

Keeping a distance from the film world, Akshay Kumar’s sister-in-law Rinki moved abroad and left the country. In 2003, she married Sameer Sharan and she moved to London with her husband. He still lives in London.

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