The baby boy in the picture is the pride of Bengali, can you recognize the legendary artist!

Alokesh Lahiri has close contacts with certain regions of Bengal. Some of the area’s residents still remember days gone by. During his childhood, he spent only a few days with his parents in Kanchrapara and Naihati regions of West Bengal. After that he left for Bombay. Readers who have read so far may think, who is Alkesh? Why are you interested in him? In fact, Bappi Lahiri once expressed the opinion that very few people know his name ‘Alkesh’.

Bappi, the only son of Aparesh Lahiri and Banshri Lahiri, was born in Bengal but later he had to go to Bombay due to his parents’ work. They were related to legendary singer Kishore Kumar. Bappi started learning tabla at the age of three. But according to Aparesh Babu and Banshari Devi, Bappi was involved in the music world of Bombay from that age. Lata Mangeshkar was amazed to see a three-year-old Ekratti playing the tabla. Basically, he was the one who paved the way for Bappi’s music. At Lata’s request, Samta Prasad, a tabla player of Benares genre, started training Bappi on tabla.

Khude Bappi was always loved by Lata. The picture of him sitting on the legendary singer’s lap still bears witness to those old days. Lata later worked with Bappi after he became a composer. He knew Bappi’s talent. Bappi composed the song at the age of eleven. But Bappi’s idol was Elvis Presley. Elvis’s macho image, Lakhat Bappi wearing gold jewellery. After that, he decided that if any of his work becomes a superhit, Bappi will give him gold jewelry.

Bappi recorded a total of 180 songs for 33 films and entered the Guinness Book of Records. Therefore, the amount of his gold jewelry can be easily estimated. They are still carefully kept by his family. Many Bengalis forget to speak their mother tongue when they go outside Bengal. Bappi spoke clear Bengali language till the last days of his life. Did not forget the roots, the mother tongue. But he brought disco culture to India. This is why he is Ekmebadvitiyam. He, Bengali’s Ekant Apan Bappida aka Alkesh Lahiri.

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