Bhojpuri Song Video: Pawan Singh romanced this actress on stage, here is the video

Recently, a Bhojpuri song video has gone viral on Netdunia. Videos of such Bhojpuri songs are seen going viral on the net. Recently, Pawan Singh and Amrapali Dubey were seen on screen in a romantic scene. They danced with romantic songs on stage. Enara is one of the most popular onscreen hit duo of Bhojpuri film industry. Recently, this video of them has gone viral on social media. Bhojpuri viewers are also talking a lot about this video on social media, it is understood from their comments.

In the video that went viral recently, Pawan Singh and Amrapali Dubey were seen romantically dancing intimately to the popular Bhojpuri song ‘Rate Diya Butake’ on the screen in front of multiple audiences on a three-way open stage. Needless to say, this video has spread warmth among the Bhojpuri audience. This is the song from the popular Bhojpuri movie ‘Satya’. This video was shared on social media pages 5 years ago from ‘Web Music’ YouTube channel. Currently, the views of which have exceeded 14 crores. Many have also praised. All those comments can be seen in the comment box of the video. Recently, this star couple is practicing based on this video.

For some reason, they are seen practicing on social media pages. They are also very active on the net. Almost share multiple pictures and videos of themselves with their fans. The number of followers on their social media is not low at all, it is noticeable. Being a star of the present era, apart from acting, they are also very focused on physical training, it is clear to see them. Recently, after this old music video went viral among netizens and Bhojpuri viewers, they have come back into practice. There is no doubt that this video has gone viral among their fans as well. Fans are also happy to see this video of their favorite stars going viral.

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