Dance Video: Amazing dance of beautiful young woman on boat without blouse, you will be impressed

In today’s age, social media has become an important medium for today’s generation. Many are using this social media as a tool to showcase their talent in front of thousands of people. You are also getting the results. In today’s age, it doesn’t take much time for anything to go viral on social media. And if a talented person wants to convey his own talent to everyone! Then he succeeded in that. Needless to say that.

Some people share videos of their songs, dances, drawings or recitations on social media pages. Everyone is interested in expressing their artistry through this social media. Recently one such beautiful young lady, Sritama Vaidya has reached out to millions of people using her dancing talent. Known among some netizens. Many people like to watch her dance. Needless to say, social media has become one of the means of earning for the current generation.

Recently Sritama was seen dancing on the boat to the song of Bollywood hit film ‘Devdas’. He practiced dancing on a boat in the middle of the river under the open sky to the rhythm of ‘Dolare Dolare’. In this video, she is seen in a red and white saree. On this day, Shreetama made this video on her bare feet with the help of opening shells in her hands, which has caught the attention of most of the netizens. After sharing this video of herself from her Instagram page, Sritama has gone viral among fans as well as netizens. Everyone is full of praise, if you look at the comment box of the viral video, you will see all those comments. If you keep an eye on Sritama’s official YouTube channel, you will see the entire video of her dancing.

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