Urfi Javed: There is not a single thread, the netizens closed their eyes after seeing Urfi Javed.

Urfi Javed knows how to attract attention with various half-naked outfits, sometimes bare and sometimes with clothes made of blades. Bolipara is not a first-rate actress at all. He cannot be called a familiar face on television. However, the amount of controversy and frenzy that has arisen in the net media around Urfi is enviable to many. His attire in particular is always at the center of attention. Urfi coming out in the open means a storm will arise.

This time it is the same. Urfi Javed stood naked in front of the camera without any hesitation. And that’s when Urfi was taken by the noise again. Recently, Urfi was seen in such a half-naked avatar. In a video, Urfi Javed is seen standing with his face towards the wall wearing only black and white trousers. And one side of those trousers is white and one side is black. There are two handprints near the hip. But there is no thread in the upper part. At one time, Urfi stood in front of the camera with a naked upper body. Written on the front wall, ‘They are crazy, they are also nameless’. Looking at the video, it seems that Urfi wrote the text on the wall himself with a pencil in his hand.

And there is a storm of comments surrounding this video. Fans are outraged to see Urfi’s nude look again. One has already written, ‘Even if you win a name, no one will take that name. You should be ashamed’; Someone else wrote, ‘Shame on trying to be famous naked like this’; Others wrote, ‘Now put on your clothes’. But someone stood next to Urfi and wrote, ‘This is his life. How he lives is entirely up to him’.

Incidentally, recently Urfi Javed got into a controversy with novelist Chetan Bhagat. ‘Urfi Javed is leading the young generation of the country astray’ – after Chetan Bhagat’s public comment, a new uproar has started. Urfio has released some samples of conversations with him to unmask the author. So that the flame of controversy is more fueled.

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