Vicky Kaushal left Katrina in the lap of this beauty within a year of marriage, Katrina is silent despite knowing everything

Personal relationships and some activities of various star actors and actresses of Bollywood industry sometimes become top trends. The stars in the glittering life of the glamor world are very excited about what they will do. Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal got married not long ago. Since then, some sweet moments of the couple have been seen on social media. Almost as soon as they post the picture, it becomes viral in the internet world.

There are probably no people on this continent of India who do not know Katrina Kaif or Vicky Kaushal. Their popularity in foreign countries is not less. So, from the sweet love story of this pair to the marriage ceremony, all the news was at the fingertips of the netizens. Even after marriage, when and where the couple is going or how their life is going, there is sometimes a discussion in the world of social media. But recently some news has come to the fore which surprised netizens.

It is known that although married a few days ago, Vicky Kaushal is spending time with another beauty leaving Katrina. They started falling in love with each other. Who loves this new wiki trick? It is known that he is no one else. Popular Bollywood actress Kiara Advani. And Katrina is silent even after knowing this. Actually Vicky is doing Prem for his new movie ‘Mera Naam Govinda’. And that part of the story is Kiara and Vicky’s love story.

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