Jubin Nautiyal: Critically injured popular singer Jubin Nautiyal, is undergoing surgery

Musician Jubin Nautiyal in a fatal accident. This morning, the musician faced terrible danger. Singer Zubin was injured after falling down the stairs in the morning, it is known. According to the artist’s team, the elbow was injured after falling from the stairs. Broken bones. He was hit on the head.

Thursday morning what happened to the singer Zubin? It is known that Zubin suddenly fell down the stairs of a building while waking up this morning. It is said that he has multiple injuries on his body. He was rushed to the hospital. His team members were with him. After all the physical tests, the doctors found that the singer had a broken right elbow, cracked ribs and head injuries. According to hospital sources, Zubin has already undergone surgery on his right hand. Zubin has not given an update to his fans about his physical condition.

According to sources, the doctors have advised him complete rest for now. The use of the right hand is absolutely prohibited for now. Zubin is currently bedridden. And as soon as this news broke, a wave of bad news spread among Zubin fans. Everyone on social media is wishing the beloved singer well.

Incidentally, Zubin Natial is one of the current playback singers of Bollywood. In 2011, Zubin Natial auditioned for the reality show ‘X Factor India’. He was rejected in the beginning of this show. But then AR Rahman’s advice changed Zubin’s fate. Zubin came to the fore by singing for the first time in the film ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’. Then there was no looking back. The singer has made quite a place in the hearts of fans.

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