Alia Bhatt used to do this with father Mahesh Bhatt for only 500 rupees, big news came out

Glamor world and controversy are two sides of the same coin. At times, various relationship debates in Ballytown come to the fore. Especially famous film director Mahesh Bhatt got stuck in the alley of such controversy many times. Although many of his movies have been superhits, he has been involved in many controversies in his personal life. One of the controversies involved kissing his daughter and expressing his desire to marry her on camera. Mahesh Bhatt has once again become a victim of a new controversy for another girl Alia Bhatt.

Mahesh Bhatt and Alia are the only talk across the internet till recently. In fact, recently a news has come to light which surprised the netizens. In fact, fans care about their favorite stars’ careers as well as their personal lives. So now Alia Mahesh Bhatt is a father-daughter duo in the line of practice in the internet world. It is known that for the need of money, Alia Bhatt did something with her father Mahesh Bhatt which will really surprise you.

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Recently, an information came to light that Alia Bhatt was willing to do anything with father Mahesh Bhatt for money. Even if it sounds surprising, it is true. Mahesh Bhatt himself said in an interview that everything he did with his daughter was out of greed for money. In fact, Alia Bhatt once pressed and massaged father Mahesh Bhatt’s hands and feet for only 500 rupees. In that words, he told in the interview that Alia Bhatt was willing to do anything for her father in exchange for money. And that word has gone viral on social media.

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