Monalisa: Body oozing glamour, Jhuma Boudi hot pose in black dress

Once there was Antara Biswas. Worked as a hotel receptionist at a salary of Tk 120 per day. Despite her family’s insistence, she joined other jobs but kept her dream of becoming an actress alive. So maybe actress Antara Biswas aka Monalisa has reached the peak of popularity from Bhojpuri movie to Bengali web series. Although widely known in Bhojpuri cinema, she became a ‘heartthrob’ in the Bengali Roznamcha as ‘Jhuma Boudi’.

Currently actress Mona Lisa is not so active in the acting world but her social media activity still impresses her fans. The actress is often seen in various avatars. And that’s why the fans were shocked. Recently, the actress caught her boldness in black dress on social media. The actress posted several pictures and videos on Instagram. Where she was seen, the actress posed as herself in a black off-shoulder short dress. Open hair, matching earrings, golden high heels on her feet, lipstick on her lips, that familiar smile. And this is how actress Monalisa won the hearts of fans. The actress posted the pictures and videos with multiple captions. He wrote in a picture, ‘This is a night of creation’; He captioned another video, ‘The incident happened.’

It is known that actress Monalisa appeared in this avatar at an organization event. It is known that this event was organized by a company named ‘Rolling Stone India’. Tele company Jio was also associated with this event. Because some glimpses of the program have been seen in the video shared by the actress. There are also multiple selfies. Fans have filled this picture and video with various comments. Someone wrote, ‘How is there so much beauty even at this age’; Someone else wrote, ‘This is how you always set fire to your heart’.

Incidentally, actress Monalisa is currently married to her husband Vikrant. Because now he has kept himself away from the acting world. Because on the one hand, the age is increasing, on the other hand, maybe Monalisa-Bikrant couple will think about the new member.

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