Didi No 1: Demands immediate shutdown of ‘Didi No 1’, angers contestant’s ex-husband

One of Zee Bangla’s most popular game reality shows ‘Didi Number 1’. Since its inception, Rachna Banerjee, one of the most popular leading actresses of Tollywood, has been seen as the host of this show. At one time he was seen in Oriya films too. But even though she is away from the acting world at the moment, she is everyone’s grandmother through this reality show. Many sisters appeared on this stage from different places. Everyone is present on this stage with their basket of stories. Needless to say, that story basket is one of the reasons for the TRP increase of this show.

On the stage of ‘Didi Number 1’, someone tells the story of turning around in a difficult situation. Others tell the story of struggling to survive in the midst of everything. Many told stories of being forced out of the family under the pressure of the situation and standing on their own feet. And everyone’s beloved Didi listens to every story of all the contestants very attentively. Sometimes his eyes are wet with tears. But this time, there is a demand for the closure of ‘Didi No. 1’ because of that story.

Often the stories told by Didi on the stage of ‘Didi No. 1’ are not less trolled on social media pages. But if you look at it that way, everything is heard on this stage one-sidedly. Of course, there is no other way. Recently violinist Arup Kumar Bhuiyan publicly raised the demand for the closure of ‘Didi No. 1’.

A few days ago, Arup Kumar Bhuiyan’s ex-wife appeared on the stage of Didi Number 1. There he told the story of his life to everyone. It came to the attention of many people due to being broadcast on television. However, after the airing of that episode, a publicly angry Arup Kumar Bhuiyan spoke out. In his words, a girl in front of the camera cried and said a few words and everyone closed their eyes and believed that it would not work. Boys need to be heard as well as girls. Only one side is heard on this stage. And based on that, he has demanded to stop this reality show on the television screen immediately. However, neither Rachna Banerjee nor the channel authorities have been heard to give any explanation in this regard.

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