Before marrying Ranveer, Deepika was in a relationship with this Indian cricketer, but a mistake broke the relationship

From old movies to new movies of the Bollywood world, everything is at the fingertips of the netizens. Different types of stars came into the limelight by working in different movies. Some people can’t become the audience’s favorite even after doing many movies, while others remain in the hearts of the audience after acting in a handful of movies. Deepika Padukone is one of the most famous actresses in this Bollywood world. He has done various flavor of movies in his career which has been liked by almost everyone.

There are hardly any people who don’t know Deepika Padukone, one of the most famous superstars in Bollywood. Bollywood’s ‘Mastani’ has won the hearts of crores of Indians with her amazing acting skills. He gradually gained popularity by modeling, working in various music videos. And now the queen of B-town is this very beautiful actress. The actress is currently married to Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh. However, before marrying Ranveer, the actress had her heart set on a star. And about that, a wide discussion has started in the internet world.

Deepika Padukone had relationship with several famous men before marriage. One of them was Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh. Once upon a time Yuvraj and Deepika used to spend a lot of time with each other. There was a lot of discussion about their love relationship. Yuvraj and Deepika loved each other very much. But this relationship did not end for a particular reason. While Yuvraj wanted to get married, Deepika wanted to focus on her career. So in the end their relationship never reached the stage of marriage.

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