Debina Bonnerjee: Mother of two children seven months apart, Debina finally opens up

Debina Bonnerjee gave birth to her youngest daughter just a few days ago. She became the mother of two daughters in just seven months. The second daughter was hospitalized for a few days in special care due to premature birth. Later he recovered and returned home. Recently, Devina was caught on camera with two girls.

Debina herself shared the pictures on Instagram. Debina is seen with her elder daughter Liana in the first film. Liana, who has just become a grandmother, is wrapped in a red veil. He is sitting on his mother’s lap. The next photo is of Liana with her sister. Instead of looking at each other, the two sisters were caught on camera with their hands extended towards each other. Sharing the pictures, Devina captioned it, saying her two daughters have changed her heart forever and for the better. Fans also showered a lot of love on Devina and her two daughters. One of them wrote, Liana is very beautiful.

Devina announced her pregnancy for the first time in 2021. Liana was born in 2022. But four months after Liana’s birth, Debina was criticized for her second pregnancy. The question arose, how to handle two children Devina! The actress answers those who have twins, what do they do! But after getting pregnant for the second time, Devina developed diabetes. He also faced several physical problems. In addition, his youngest daughter was born prematurely.

But for now both mother and child are healthy. Even though she is away from acting, Devina regularly publishes vlogs.

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