‘My son gave me…’, Madhuri Dixit broke down in tears and told about the pain

It goes without saying that the fandom of popular stars of Bollywood and glamor world is huge. Just as fans know about their favorite star’s performance, they also want to know about their personal life. There is nothing new to say about the popularity of ‘Dhak Dhak Girl’ Madhuri Dixit. Millions of people are fans of this actress. He has won the hearts of many with his hit performances in several old Hindi movies. Besides, millions of people are fans of the beauty of this popular actress.

Madhuri Dixit has shared the screen with many actors in her career. Everyone appreciates him for his acting skills. She started her career in the glamor world with Abodh in 1984. Then Madhuri Dixit first gained popularity by acting in Tejaab opposite Anil Kapoor. After that he never had to look back. He came to everyone’s attention by acting in hit films one after another. Madhuri Dixit is seen in the judge seat of various reality shows even though she is not working in many movies at present.

Recently, Madhuri Dixit went as a judge in a reality show of Colors. But during the show, he burst into tears and expressed his heartache. Despite his popularity, he talked about his family’s problems that day. In fact, Madhuri Dixit’s eyes are teary while talking during the show. Later she breaks down in tears and says that her son does not listen to anything. Even when called he hangs up. Madhuri Dixit feels that her son no longer loves her.

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