Roopa Ganguly cried after shooting this scene of Mahabharata, do you know what happened to the heroine?

Whenever we talk about any famous television show in the TV industry, the name of BR Chopra’s Mahabharata definitely comes to mind. It is the most successful show in the world, which became an attraction in every home in the 1990s and the actors who starred in it also played a lively role in the series. And the character of Draupadi was one of the most famous characters of this Mahabharata. And TV actress Roopa Ganguly became famous for acting in this role. But, this journey of becoming Draupadi was not so easy for her. It is heard that while he was shooting for Draupadi’s undressing scene, his condition worsened after the shoot. Let us tell you more about this story today.

When Draupadi’s stripping scene was being shot in Mahabharata, actress Roopa Ganguly couldn’t control her emotions and burst into tears. Reportedly, when the Draupadi scene was being shot, BR Chopra said that Roopa Ganguly was nervous. In fact he said that if a woman is dragged by her hair in front of everyone in a public gathering and her clothes are stripped in front of everyone, what will happen to that woman? Such a feeling should be expressed for this scene. And Rupa Ganguly was very nervous about this. But anyway, she did the whole scene in one take and filled with so much emotion that she just cried for half an hour at the end of the shoot. He could not hold back his tears that day.

However, Rupa Ganguly was not the first choice for this role. Popular Bollywood actress Juhi Chawla was offered the role before Roopa Ganguly was given the role of Draupadi. But at that time Juhi’s film Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak was scheduled to release, due to which Juhi could not play the role of Draupadi and then the role was given to Roopa Ganguly. Let us inform you that Roopa Ganguly is a famous actress of Kolkata and also a member of Rajya Sabha. Before Mahabharata, she made her debut in the glamor world with the Bengali TV show ‘Stri Patra’ in 1985.

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