Urfi Javed: Keys hanging in lower body, Urfi showed a new game

For the past few days, there have been attempts to frame Urfi Javed. One threat after another, nothing was left out of debate. But Urfi responded strongly to the criticism. In addition, he makes his own clothes and wears them on camera. Urfi explains that no one has the power to stop him. Urfi was caught by the paparazzi again recently.

The video has already gone viral on social media. In the viral video, Urfi is seen getting down from a blue car. She is wearing a black open top. The off-shoulder top appears to be draped only on the bust area and a little on the waist. Urfi is wearing a black colored pencil skirt. Copper color keys are hanging all over the skirt. The skirt is transparent and pleated. The legs have orange wedges. Urfi has done light makeup by tying her hair in a ponytail. When he got out of the car, a group of paparazzi asked him, how is he! Urfi replied with a nod, he is fine.

Last month, popular YouTuber Hindustani Vau aka Vikas Fatak threatened Urfi in a video because of Urfi’s clothes, saying that if Urfi doesn’t change, he will correct him. Encouraged by this incident, some trolls threatened to kill Urfi. Urfi then posted on social media that Hindustani Bhau wanted to work with him. But as Urfi does not agree, he takes revenge.

During an interview this month, Chetan Bhagat said that young boys watch Urfi’s pictures while going to bed. Urfi, who was angry at this incident, recalled that during the ‘Mitu’ movement, accusations of sexual harassment were raised towards Chetan.

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