Bipasha Basu: Bipasha Basu showed her daughter’s face for the first time!

Bipasha Basu got the taste of motherhood at the age of 41. Bipasha and Karan’s arms are lit by the little goddess. Since that day, the Grover family is floating in the tide of happiness. All day, all night – the actress has to be busy with her daughter. So now Bipasha has kept a distance from acting. However, the actress has not shown her daughter’s face despite posting several posts about her. He has repeatedly kept his daughter hidden.

Recently, actress Bipasha Bose posted a picture of her daughter on her Instagram. Bipasha shared a picture of Karan Singh Grover and little Devi. The Bollywood actress shared her daughter’s picture but did not show her face. In the picture, it is seen that little Devi is sleeping peacefully next to her husband Karan Singh. Karan Singh’s loving hand on the girl’s chest. The girl is wearing baby-pink gloves. However, it is clear from the expression of the picture that she is sleeping soundly by her father’s side. Bipasha wrote in the caption of this picture, ‘This is love’.

The fans felt the endless love between father and daughter in this post. So they have filled the comment box with many love comments. Someone wrote, ‘The picture brought tears to my eyes’; Someone wrote again, ‘This is the pull of love from heart to heart’; Someone else frankly said, ‘This is the best film of the year’. Almost all the fans showered love on the little goddess in the film.

Bipasha Bose likes to talk in films. Earlier, the actress has done several photoshoots during her maternity period. From the homely Sadh in a pink saree to flaunting her baby bump in a golden regal gown – Bipasha has pretty much done it all. So Bipasha is not happy after the birth of her daughter. So he is recording every happy moment on camera.

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