Bollywood Scandal: These five couples of Bollywood were caught naked in the hotel room

Every moment something is happening inside Bollywood. Most of the stars of the industry have their names associated with multiple scandals. Since entering the industry, they have been involved in multiple relationships at different times. Sometimes they are caught red-handed. But most of the time many relationships are not revealed. But at the moment five pairs have come up, who came close but the relationship didn’t last. At one time they were caught red-handed. Know the details.

1) In 1999, Kajal and Ajay Devgan got married to each other. But before that, the actor’s name was associated with Karisma Kapoor. They were seen together in perhaps five consecutive films. They came close to each other due to acting. But the actor did not take that relationship very seriously at that time. It is heard that one day Karisma Kapoor saw Kajal and Ajay Devgn together in the same room. And then the actor’s distance with Karishma increased many times.

2) In 2011, Priyanka Chopra, one of the most popular actresses of Bollywood and Hollywood, was raided for income tax. At that time, Shahid Kapoor met the actress at her house. Not much was heard about their relationship in the media. However, this matter was discussed in the media to some extent. Although they had a relationship at the time, it did not last long in the end.

3) Rani Mukherjee’s name was associated with Govinda in the media at one time. They were also seen leaving the same room. There was a lot of talk about that in the media. At one point they were even seen leaving the same room. At that time the actor was married and had two children.

4) Sanjay Dutt and Sushmita Sen were also talked about in the media at one time. They were in love together for a long time. They also went to travel abroad. They were seen staying together in the same room while traveling. Needless to say, they were caught red-handed at that time. However, their relationship did not last.

5) Ayesha Zhulker was once associated with Nana Patekar. At that time, Manisha Koirala fell in love with the actor. That rumor also appeared in the media. However, the actress distanced herself from the actor after seeing Ayesha Julok together.

But recently all those old incidents have come to light again. And for that reason, all these actors and actresses are at the center of attention among a section of netizens.

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