Harshaali Malhotra: You can’t take your eyes off Munni’s current look from ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’

Many years have passed. But the magic of ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ has not faded yet. Munni’s simplicity is still in the hearts of the audience. But that little Munni Harshaali Malhotra (Harshaali Malhotra) is now a teenager. Although modeling in childhood, Harshali is now quite far away from the entertainment world. However, he is often seen in various events. Harshali is also quite active on social media. He was recently seen at the premiere of ‘Salam Venki’.

Salaam Venki premiered in Mumbai on Wednesday night, December 7. The premiere of ‘Salam Venki’ was held in the presence of a handful of stars. Harshali was also invited. She wore an off-white sweater dress for the premiere evening. The dress is stone studded. Harshali did light makeup. Long silky hair was parted. He was wearing a few bangles on his right hand and a bracelet on his left hand. On the feet were beautiful boots of brown color. Harshali posed in front of the camera. Netizens are also excited to see their ‘Munni’. This year, Harshali became Troyodashi.

As soon as Harshali’s video went viral, she was compared to Riva. A few months ago, Riva courted controversy by acting in a love scene with Mika Singh in a music video. Some of the netizens started saying, Harshali behaves according to her age. He’s not like Riva who acts like he’s twelve years old. Netizens love Harshali a lot.

Revathy’s film ‘Salam Venki’ is set to hit the theaters on December 9. This film based on a true story is the story of mother and son. A boy suffering from a rare disease wants to be euthanized. His mother fought for her son’s appeal. ‘Salam Venki’ stars Vishal Jethwa as the son and Kajol as his mother.

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