Malaika Arora: Before entering the yoga class in Bandra, Malaika looks caught on camera, poses wearing a hat

Malaika Arora is one of the most popular actresses in Bollywood, who stays in the media limelight for one reason or another. Practices continue with him often. Sometimes about her clothes, sometimes about her relationship with her younger boyfriend Arjun Kapoor in the media. In many cases, the actress has to be a victim of sarcasm among the netizens for various reasons, but she never wants to pay special attention to all those issues. Recently, the actress has come back into the limelight due to her clothes.

malaika arora gives killer poses to paparazzi in gymwear see photos 1670482140

The actress is very conscious about physical fitness, that is not unknown to anyone. Malaika exercises regularly every day. Multiple glimpses of him are often found on social media pages. Recently, before entering a yoga class in Bandra, the actress was caught by the paparazzi again. Recently that picture has gone viral in the net world. For now, Malaika Arora is in the light of practice on the net. Akanka Ranjan was also seen with him at this same place a few days ago.

malaika arora gives killer poses to paparazzi in gymwear see photos 1670481993

Recently, several pictures of the actress were seen going viral on the pages of the netmahl according to the sources of the paparazzi. Where Malaika was seen in a bodybuilding look. He was seen outside his yoga class in Bandra that day. He can be seen in this place almost every day. Even on this day, he could not enter the yoga class avoiding the attention of the paparazzi. Recently, his latest bodybuilding look is currently viral on the net. He was dressed in a black bodysuit with a hair bun and a hat on his head. In the film, the actress is seen without makeup. He also had a phone and a water bottle in his hand. Note that this is a daily affair of the actress. Because the media’s attention is always on him. He keeps on practicing for no reason. Recently, the actress has been in the limelight in the net world for her bold casual bodybuilding look. He also spread warmth among the fans. If you look at the comment box of the recent viral pictures, all those comments will be noticed.

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