Ramgopal Verma: Ramgopal Verma is licking the feet of the beautiful actress! The director faced criticism as soon as the video came out

The year was coming to an end. But Ramgopal Verma (Ramgopal Verma) is not willing to correct anything. After the start of 2022, she said that she was not the person in the video, caught up in the women’s violence controversy. This time Ramgopal licked the feet of the actress and it went viral in the net world. After that, no one will say that Ramgopal is his favorite director. Actresses Ashu Reddy and Ramgopal both shared two videos on Instagram. Both these videos are the source of controversy.

In one of the videos, Ashu’s smooth legs are seen in Ramgopal’s hands. Kissing it and looking suggestively at Ashu. In another video, Ramgopal is sitting on the ground. Ashu is sitting on the sofa. Ramgopal is putting shoes on Ashu’s feet. Talking in southern language with a little smile. After that, he once kissed Ashur’s feet. As soon as these two videos went viral, a storm of controversy spread across the net world. In the videos, Ramgopal wears a black shiny T-shirt and blue denims. He has a hat on his head. Ashu is wearing yellow colored short dress. Ashu is also smiling. Sharing the video, he wrote, worshiping a man is endless and dangerous. Video views are increasing gradually.

On the other hand, Ramgopal himself shared a thirty-minute video on Wednesday night. He shared the video and wrote, He posted the entire video. All watch at your own risk. Ashu is seen pulling hookah in that video. Taking permission to sit at his feet, Ramgopal first took off his shoes and kissed his feet and then licked his toes. Ramgopal claims that through this video he has reminded everyone how he treats women. But according to his fans, Ramgopal has let himself down. Many say that he is drinking alcohol. Netizens found the videos ugly. But Kuruchi removed the acceptance. If you look closely, you will understand that the videos are shot on the sets of the film. Sura bottles arranged around as props. A trolley can be seen in the distance. The promotional videos for ‘Dangerous’ were very dangerous indeed.

The release of Ramgopal Varma’s film ‘Dangerous’ was blocked once. But at the end of the year, ‘Dangerous’ is going to be released in theaters on December 9. Ramgopal returns to the big screen as a director once again with this gay love story film. He wanted to create controversy for the promotion of the film. Ramgopal is also successful in this field.

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