Sharma Tagore: Sharmila in her 80’s indulged in rule-breaking, controversies

Begum Aisha Sultana (Aisha Sultana) reached the age of eighty. Hearing this name, many people may be shocked. But Sharmila Tagore had to accept this name at the time of marriage. Sharmila changed the definition of Bengali in Bollywood. Sharmila, the daughter of Pathuriaghata Thakurbari, entered acting at the age of thirteen. Satyajit Ray was looking for an innocent yet classy face for the role of Aparna in ‘Apur Sansar’. Sharmila is his answer. Seeing her in the role of Aparna, there is no way to think of anything but a Bengali girl in Atpaure. Somehow Sharmila moved to Bombay despite her family. Maybe he decided in his heart to make history. Next was sister Aindrila Thakur (Aindrila Thakur). Aindrila is the little mini of ‘Kabuliwala’ who wanted to stay away from the limelight when she grew up as a child artist.

Their mothers lived with the heroines in Bombay at that time. Actresses used to wear white sarees to parties. A glass of Coca-Cola was in hand. Thakurbari’s daughter did not like Bombay’s heroines fainting from the flowers. Sharmila understood that the atmosphere of the industry had to change. But then I want work. After a short wait, the opportunity came. Aparna Sen turned down the offer of ‘Aradhana’. But Sharmila agreed. He knew that he would have to play the role of a mother. According to the rules of the screenplay, the day of wrinkles will come. But he understood the importance of the character. From the clay of ‘Apur Sansara’, the turn to make idols began. ‘Aradhana’ completed it. At that time ‘Aradhana’ could be called a film made by breaking the table. ‘Aradhana’ proved that true love lives on till the last breath. Virgin motherhood is its reflection.

But there was still much left. A relationship was formed with Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi, the last Nawab of Pataudi. He was known as Tiger Pataudi in the cricket world. The daughter of Pathuriaghata Thakurbari was married into a Muslim Nawab family. But there was no pressure on Sharmila to accept Islam. But a Hindu cleric created unnecessary controversy. He excommunicated Sharmila for marrying into a Muslim family. Some of Sharmila’s distant relatives were also involved in the incident. Ayesha converted to Islam and changed her name to Sharmila to answer everyone. But his screen name remains the same.

But by then, Sharmila’s relationship with Tiger has become a friendship. Love took the form of friendship before marriage. In 1966, Sharmila was photographed in a bikini for the cover page of Filmfare magazine. Bollywood and the society around the actress condemned her. But supported by Tiger. Then in 1967, Sharmila wore a bikini again in the film ‘An Evening in Paris’. At that time Bollywood could not protest. As everyone realized, the stereotypes were broken and the turn of heroines began to change, starting with Sharmila.

Tiger and Sharmila got married in 1968. Tiger has always supported his wife. After the marriage, Bangatnaya had considerable difficulty in eating and drinking in the Nawab’s family. Sharmila loved to eat rice. But the members of the Nawab family did not eat it. Tiger soon realizes Sharmila’s eating disorder. Sharmila’s favorite menu was prepared under his instructions.

No tiger today. Yet Sharmila spends most of her time at Pataudi Palace. Because every brick has the memory of Tiger. He is sleeping forever under the ground in the garden of Pataudi Palace. Sharmila went to Tiger’s tomb when she got time.

Even on her seventy-eighth birthday, only Tiger, the anti-conservative man who had become Sharmila’s backbone, remained in her memory. Happy birthday to Sharmila Tagore aka Begum Ayesha Sultana from HOOPHAAP. Not a word was written. Despite spending so many years in Bollywood, Sharmila has not forgotten to speak Bengali and is good at reading Bengali.

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