Urfi Javed: The body is clearly visible in net clothes, Urfi Javed is viral again

Urfi Javed stands for eccentric fashion. But it’s not always that Urfi’s fashion is bad. His fashion is followed by Hollywood stars, it is proved. But sometimes Urfi gets overconfident. As a result, it is not clear what kind of clothes he wears. Then it became strange. On the evening of December 7, Urfi was again caught on camera in an outfit whose name he apparently did not know.

On December 7, Urfi appeared in a winter evening in a green transparent net dress. The dress looks like a jumpsuit. Urfi’s green underwear was visible through the full sleeve dress. A mask was also attached to this dress. That too is of the net. Urfi was wearing a heavy gold colored neckpiece around her neck. On the feet were beige heels. She wore light makeup and tied her hair in a bun. At the request of the paparazzi, Urfiq once had to remove the mask from his face. He was posing for the camera outside the restaurant. Then, while entering the restaurant, Urfi bumped into a young man. It seems that Urfi himself was not comfortable in this dress.

As soon as the video went viral on social media, a section of netizens started criticizing Urfi’s clothes. Many people said, it is clothing or mosquitoes! Many people said that now Urfi should be taken to the madhouse. Urfi, however, is successful. Because he wears such clothes to create controversy.

A few days ago, Urfi released the music video ‘Hai Ye Majboori’. She is currently seen in MTV’s popular reality show ‘Splitsvilla’.

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