Urfi Javed: Urfi Javed reveals his bedroom secrets! He said so openly in the video

Bigg Boss OTT’s first season contestant Urfi Javed. He became known among the audience from the stage of Bigg Boss. But at that time, the actress could not spread her influence from the stage of Bigg Boss. Nowadays Urfi and Debate have become synonymous with each other. Controversy will rage wherever he stays. Urfi is often ridiculed by netizens for his strange attire. He is practicing in the media for some reason. It is clear to everyone that he can do anything to stay in practice in the media.

But right now the actress is in the limelight for a completely different reason. Urfi Javed participated as a contestant in Sunny Leone’s Split Villa 14. According to that source, he is now often seen from the official page of MTV Spiltvilla on Instagram. Recently, a video of the actress has gone viral from that page. The actress directly answered several questions in that video. There the actress directly offered everyone to sleep with her on camera.

In a recent viral Hawa video, the actress is seen sitting in front of the camera with a glass jar. There were several blue balls in that jar. There were several questions written in it, to which Urfi answered directly. The first question for him was, how is he in bed? After reading this question, the actress smiled lightly and said to keep the bed to bed. Besides, he also said, if anyone really wants to know how he is in bed? Then he offered to come with her and sleep in the same bed.

The next question was, will the actress stay with someone who is cheating on her? In response to this question, the actress directly replied that she would cut off the man’s private parts. He answered this very smoothly with a slight smile on his lips. The next question was whether he likes to see or to show? The actress replied that the whole world sees her. Recently, Urfi’s candid response has brought him back into the limelight. Note that Sunny Leone’s show is broadcast every Saturday and Sunday on MTV. It is telecasted from 7 pm onwards. Apart from MTV, this show can also be seen anytime on the Bhoot app.

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