Nysa Devgan: Kajal’s daughter suddenly became beautiful! The actress herself revealed

Ajay Devgan’s daughter Nysa Devgan suddenly became beautiful. Just like a ‘miracle’ happened. How did Kajal (Kajal) become beautiful all of a sudden? What is the secret? Did plastic surgery change the look of this ‘star kid’? Now this is the question from B-Town fans.

Ajay-Kajal’s daughter Naisa Devgan has been in the paparazzi’s eye since she was a teenager. Updates of the tour from anywhere, always as if the camera lens surrounds him. There will be no more or why! Talk about starkid! However, recently many questions are surrounding NASA. Because recently there has been a radical change in his appearance. From skin color to appearance, Naisa’s appearance has changed. So did Ajay’s daughter do plastic surgery? Now Ajay Gharani Kajal answered this question. In a recent interview, Kajol said, “Naisa is browsing the internet all the time. She is also a bit more conscious about beauty and health. Apply a facemask at least three times a week. Ask me to do it too. He is just like his father, conscious about looks or health.”

But not only cosmetics, the secret of Naisa’s appearance is also her diet, said actress Kajol in that interview. He said about Naysa’s eating habits, “Naysa wakes up every morning and consumes 2-3 glasses of lukewarm water on an empty stomach. His stomach is fine. After that, he eats boiled eggs, fresh fruit and oats for breakfast. Naisa maintains such healthy eating habits throughout the day”. However, Naisa’s mother Kajol admitted that plastic surgery is not the reason for Naisa’s appearance change. Regarding this rumour, he said, “NASA has not done anything like this. It’s all part of his daily routine.”

Incidentally, Naysa’s father Ajay Devgan and mother Kajal are both the two giants of B-town. One is still a star actor. Many followers still ‘crush’ Khan as someone else. So the frenzy surrounding their daughter is a bit more from the fans than the paps.

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