Problems while styling, Sridevi’s daughter’s pictures are viral on social media, see

Janhvi Kapoor is one of the new stars of Bollywood. Sridevi Kanya is one of the heroines who are in the world right now. As his acting skills increased with time, so did his popularity. Initially he acted in some commercial films but now he is also working in some big budget films. We have seen her acting in some films like Roohi.

But he is always practicing his clothes. In other words, he has to be criticized for his clothes repeatedly and many people criticize him on social media for his dressing censors. Sometimes the actress dresses in such a way that most of her body remains exposed. Because of all those clothes, she has to suffer repeated ops moments.

A few days ago, Sridevi’s daughter wore a backless sky blue dress that showed off a lot of her body. Seeing this look of the actress, many called her the Kim Kardashian of India.

The actress also did many photoshoots in bikinis. After seeing all these photoshoots, many people commented against her and criticized her for her style.

A few days ago, a picture of her went viral in the net world, where she was seen wearing a white dress. Maybe he forgot to wear pants with that outfit. The picture created a huge response on social media.

The actress was once spotted wearing a very deep v-neck dress. Many people commented on that picture. A few days ago he was seen in gym clothes. The dress was so tight that she was at the center of controversy for a long time.

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