Kajol: Kajol became fat after marriage!

Revathy’s film ‘Salam Venki’ released in theaters on December 9, Friday. Kajol (Kajol) grabbed attention in the role of a mother in this film based on a true story. His son is played by Vishal Jethwa. Kajal was quite spontaneous in promoting ‘Salam Venki’, a mother-son story. He shared different secrets of his life. But Kajol was never a teenager. Because he likes to eat different types of food. However, in a recent interview, Kajal said that her weight increased by eight kg after marriage.

Kajol tied the knot with Ajay Devgan on 24 February 1999. Both were stars at the time. But his daughter-in-law was special to Ajay’s mother, Kajol’s mother-in-law Veena Devgan. Veena loved Kajal enough. As a result, Kajal forgot the diet after marriage. Paneer Parotta, Cauliflower Parotta or Potato Parotta was arranged on the dining table for breakfast every morning. It was accompanied by white butter. Because Ajay is Punjabi. As a result, their eating habits were like this. By eating this breakfast every day, Kajol’s weight increased by eight kg.

Kajol’s mother Tanuja is Marathi and father Somu Mukherjee is Bengali. As a result, it was customary to eat fish in their house. However, members of the Deva family did not eat fish. But after Kajol’s marriage, it was he who introduced the custom of eating fish in his in-laws’ house. He said that currently he and Veena eat fish together. Kajol also likes to eat crab. As a result, crabs come home at least once a month. Kajal also taught Veena to eat crab. Jokingly, he said, wear black clothes, wear glasses and eat crabs without makeup. Otherwise you will be in trouble.

Besides, Kajol prefers to eat food with hands instead of knife and fork. Because according to him, feeding with a spoon does not have the same fun as eating food with hands.

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