‘Teri Akhya Ka Yo Kajal’ Swapna Chowdhury dancing in black suit, viral video on social media

Social media has become very popular these days. In fact, in the digital world, eight to eighty people have a mobile phone on the one hand, and on the other hand, everyone uses internet services. Now social media has become one of the mediums of entertainment. Different types of videos or pictures sometimes go viral in the world of social media. Even today, many people are earning money in various ways through the power of social media. Those who use social media must have heard the name Swapna Chowdhury.

Everyone aware of today’s industry must know Swapna Chowdhury’s name. He has won the hearts of millions of netizens with his desi style thumka. Most of the male netizens in India are Swapna Chowdhury’s fans. Millions of people follow Swapna Chowdhury on social media. So a dance video on social media really becomes viral in the blink of an eye in the internet world. Recently, such a video has been going viral on various social media.

In this viral video, Swapna Chowdhury is seen standing on the stage and dancing fiercely to the song ‘Teri Akhya Ka Yo Kajal’. Her expressions and body folds to the beat of the song have won the hearts of male netizens. Needless to say, Swapna Chowdhury looked very beautiful in a blue and pink color suit. As soon as the video hit the internet, it spread like wildfire. You will be surprised to hear that this video has already been viewed by 374 million people. If you want to watch the viral video, check it out here.

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