Urfi Javed: Saree came off the chest, then what did Urfi do! If you don’t see it, you will miss it

B-Town model Urfi Javed has repeatedly proved that one can break the rules and stand in public even in different clothes. This young woman from Mumbai has appeared in strange avatars in ‘chakbhanga’ clothes many times. Various threats, various sarcasms, various questions have come from various quarters. But what about Urfir! He lives as he is, free-spirited and wanders on the street or in front of the lens.

Dress controversies are nothing new in Urfi Javed’s modeling career. Sometimes he has been criticized for covering his private parts with leaves, sometimes with paint. However, what Urfi did this time, the netizens’ eyes were raised. Because this time she wore a sari as a dress, but in public the sari was worn. Then what did Urfi to cover the shame? Recently, this video of model Urfi Javed falling off the camera lens of paps has gone viral on social media. In the beginning of this video, Urfi is seen getting out of a blue car in front of the airport. And when Urfi was found under the open sky, the papara caught him like a bee. This time it was not the opposite. Urfi got down from the car wearing a light orange and pink saree. Then gave the paps some pizzas. Then the real thing happened. The saree drapes from the shoulders. However, without paying much attention to that, Urfi stepped on the way to the airport.

After seeing this video, netizens have thrown various comments. Someone said, ‘Is madam so poor that she doesn’t even have a safety pin to fasten her saree’; Someone wrote again, ‘Clothes are flying from the body because of lack of habit of wearing clothes’; Someone else said in a tone of sarcasm, ‘Urfi is repeatedly pulling off the neck from his shoulder.’

However, it is clear from his expression in the video that Esbe Urfi doesn’t care about anything. This is not the first time! The name of this model has been involved in many controversies about clothes. And like every time, Urfi Javed is ‘befikar’ about these things.

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