Nargis Fakhri: Feels Naked: Nargis Fakhri

Nargis Fakhri (Nargis Fakhri) was once very far away from Bollywood. But he had many films in his hands. Films were becoming hits one after another. Nargis went ahead in the race of number one heroine. But suddenly he felt, this world of spotlight, camera, action is not for him. As a result, Nargis moved to America. At the same time, her five-year long relationship with Uday Chopra broke up. Nargis still says that time was the best time of her life. He had a beautiful relationship with Uday. However, Uday’s break-up with Nargis and at the same time his relationship status is discussed a lot. Nargis does not like to talk about her personal life.

In a recent interview, Nargis said that she has no problem with personal questions. But Nargis feels that a section of the paparazzi ignores her work by highlighting her personal life. He is not shy about talking about his personal life. But he wants everyone to discuss his performance. According to Nargis, some people are not comfortable talking about their personal life and love life. Therefore, their decision should be respected, this is why many times I feel naked.

Nargis feels that personal life does not exist these days because of social media. Because a section of paparazzi knows, a section of netizens like to see various information about the personal life of stars on social media. As a result, the meaning of privacy has changed. Nargis thinks they are all naked. Sometimes Nargis gets angry seeing the interest of knowing who he is dating but soon controls herself. Nargis considers herself single as long as she is not officially engaged. There is no engagement ring on her finger yet.

Nargis was last seen in the 2020 film ‘Torbaaz’ which streamed on Netflix. But he is going to return to acting again with a southern film. Nargis is going to make a comeback in the acting world with the film ‘Harihar Veera Mallu’.

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