Monalish: Black beauty Mona Lisa in a backless dress, fans have noticed since the picture went viral

Mona Lisa is a known name in the acting world. He acted in several Bhojpuri films. He is one of the names of Bhojpuri film industry. This actress did several works in the beginning of her career in the Bengali industry. He has also been seen working in current Bengali web series. Currently, he is acting in Hindi serials for a long time. She is undoubtedly a good actress, needless to say. Apart from acting, she is currently dating Bhojpuri actor Vikrant Singh. Since then, his glimpses are also found on the pages of social media.

As a current actress, her presence in the net media is not less. He often shares multiple pictures and videos of himself. The number of his fans on social media is also not less. They eagerly wait to catch a glimpse of the actress on social media pages. Apart from acting, she also likes to spend time with her family and husband Vikrant. Besides, he went out for a walk when he got time. He shared the glimpses of all those moments with his fans. And very naturally it went viral in no time.

In the recent viral picture, Mona Lisa is seen in a bold look in a black backless dress. The actress wore glossy makeup with loose hair. Along with a light pendant around her neck, she also had precious bracelets on her hands. In his western attire, his eyes had a pleading look on his face. Mona Lisa may have appeared in this look due to an event. Needless to say, the actress’ recent outfit has caught everyone’s attention. It has also received many praises. For now, it can be said that this look of the actress has once again impressed her countless fans.

‘Fabbara Chowk’ is going to start on Dangal TV very soon. The show will air on Dangal TV from Monday to Saturday at 7 pm. This show started on the television screen from 5th December. Monalisa will be seen in the role of ‘Rama’ in this upcoming show. Needless to say right now, multiple looks of Rama are going viral on the net. Fans are also full of praise. His glimpse will be found in social media.

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