Urfi Javed: private parts covered with thin strips! Indecency case filed against Urfi

Ruffled clothes, half-nakedness and Urfi Javed – these three words are synonymous in Bolly Town. Urfi Javed is often caught in various avatars. In a word, where Urfi will stay, the controversy will be raging. Urfi often gets ridiculed by netizens for his strange attire. Often practiced in the media. And it is clear to everyone that he can do everything to stay in practice in the media.

And this time again Urfi Javed has landed in a broken dress. There is nothing to wear. Secretions of the body covered with a few narrow stripes. And one such video has now gone viral on social media. In the video, Urfi is seen walking in an open dress in broad daylight. But it’s less clothing, more lace. Private parts covered with black narrow stripes. Everything else is open. And even in this post, there is a storm of sarcasm against Urfi. Someone wrote, ‘This girl has nothing to be ashamed of’; Someone else got angry and wrote, ‘Urfi will come naked in public one day by reducing his clothes a little every day’.

But not only sarcasm, a case has also been filed against Urfi for violating the limits of modesty. A lawyer named Ali Kashif Khan Deshmukh filed a case against Urfi in Andheri police station recently. Although Urfi himself answered this. He wrote in his Instagram story, ‘I don’t know how many more complaints will be filed against me. No one has a problem with people who threaten to kill me or rape me. Do you mind my clothes? But there is no problem with those who are doing such work’.

Urfi Insta Story
Urfi’s Instagram story

Incidentally, out of controversy, Urfi is now appearing in ‘Spitvilla Season 14’. He has also appeared in several music videos. But apart from these, he loves to appear in various forms on his social media.

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