Urfi Javed: Urfi changed by going to the beach!

Urfi Javed, the popular model of B-Town, is often at the top of the discussion in clothing debates. At various times, Urfi came to the public wearing different clothes. And that increases the dispute. From various criticisms to police complaints were filed against him. But so what! Half-nakedness is an integral part of Urfi’s name. This model keeps the modern fashion by sometimes wearing bold clothes, sometimes with tape or thin ribbons to protect the eyebrows. But this time Urfi walked in the opposite direction.

Urfi Javed in revealing clothes is a common sight on social media these days. But this time Urfi caught another avatar. It is as if this model walked in the opposite direction of his fashion. A video has gone viral on Instagram, where Urfi is caught in a shalwar kameez Parihita avatar. Again, he covered his body in traditional clothes in front of the blue sea water. Veil again. In the video, Urfi Javed is seen walking on the beach wearing a loose shalwar kameez with red floral print on white. She has put on a deep-maroon colored jalmal veil. Heeled shoes, loose hair, mobile in hand. Its video reads, ‘Urfi in Parallel Universe’.

But why is Urfi walking in a place like the beach, where everyone wears open bikinis or monokinis and rubs the salty air on them? There is a lot of noise on this question in the net world. His glimpse was seen in the comment box of the video. Someone wrote, ‘Where is this parallel universe? I want to go’; Someone looked at Urfi again and said, ‘Is this the second version of Urfi Javed’; Someone jokingly wrote, ‘We don’t wear these clothes where we have to wear them. Why is this here again?

Incidentally, Urfi Javed is often seen in revealing clothes, be it on the streets or in the studio. But recently, Urfi has changed his clothes. She was seen wearing a saree at the airport last week. And now this traditional dress. So did Urfi get better? That’s the question now on social media.

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