Anjali Arora did not stop even after the MMS leak, the heroine made such a bold video wearing only a coat

Actress Anjali Arora who rose to fame in the reality show ‘Lock Up’ is very popular on social media and has a huge fan following on Instagram. Let us inform you, this Anjali Arora was also in the music video of the viral song ‘Kachha Badam’. However, Anjali was also trolled on social media for a controversial MMS leak. In fact, some time ago, Anjali Arora’s name was associated with an MMS leak incident, due to which she faced controversy on social media. But the actress did not stop after that. She continued to post pictures and videos on Instagram in several daring outfits. Anjali recently posted a very bold video, which saw people saying – ‘Anjali didn’t change even after the MMS leakā€¦’

Anjali Arora made such a bold video wearing just a coat

Let us inform you, Anjali Arora has posted a daring video on Instagram. Anjali is not wearing much clothes in this video. He tried to cover his body with only one coat. Anjali’s style statement in this bold video is absolutely stunning. Recently this video has become very popular on social media and the actress has also been in controversy due to this video.

This beauty did not stop even after the MMS leak!

In this video, sometimes Anjali places her hand near her chest where her cleavage is visible and sometimes she moves her hand downwards. After seeing this bold video, many are saying that Anjali has not learned anything from her MMS leak experience and is still sharing such bold content on her official profile. However, not only the controversy, many people also liked this hot style of Anjali.

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