Scream VI Movie Review

Scream VI Movie Review: The ‘Core Four’ from Woodsboro, including Samantha (Melissa), Tara (Jenna), Mindy (Jasmin), and Chad (Mason), are attempting to live everyday lives in New York after their traumatic experience with Ghost Face. However, the killer continues to follow them, and a new prodigy of the phenomenon emerges, targeting Billy’s daughters. Scream VI Movie Review.

Star CastMelissa Barrera, Jena Ortega, Courteney Cox, Mason Gooding, Jasmin Savoy Brown, Josh Segarra, Hayden Panettiere, Jack Champion
DirectorMatt Bettinelli-Olphin & Tyler Gillett
AvailabilityTheatres Near You
Runtime123 Minutes

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The Scream franchise, created by Kevin Williamson and executive produced by him for Scream 6, first came to life in 1996. It introduced a story about a murderer wearing a ghost mask that has become a part of our cultural consciousness for over two decades. The fifth film released last year proved that the franchise still has staying power, and with the same team returning for the sixth film in less than a year, it’s worth examining whether it still holds up. Scream VI Movie Review.

Scream VI Movie Review
Scream VI Movie Review

Scream VI Movie Review

Scream 6, written by James Vanderbilt and Guy Busick, is a technically impressive franchise continuation. It’s gorier and more brutal than its predecessors and doesn’t shy away from showing gruesome details. The film’s pace has kept up with the world’s appetite for every detail, and it remains one of the most innovative franchises in creating its antagonists. The sixth installment even makes fun of this aspect while laying out the entire plot from the beginning. However, the writers still manage to surprise the audience.

The film’s unique strength is its acknowledgment of the legacy of films and the artistic material that inspired it. A parallel cinema culture exists within the story; this time, it’s taken to the next level. There are homages to Alfred Hitchcock, including posters of Psycho and Vertigo and a character named Laura Crane after Marion Crane from Psycho. The film also pays tribute to Rear Window. These references all work organically within the story.

Scream 6 gets the balance of humor just right. Adding humor to a gruesome film can be challenging, but situational comedy, especially with Mindy at the wheel, adds a lot of fun to the film. The movie cleverly walks through horror and crime movie tropes while acknowledging them.

Melissa Barrera shines as Samantha, and her unapologetic nature comes out effortlessly. Jenna Ortega delivers a strong performance, even with the loosely written trajectory of her character. Jasmin Savoy Brown is an excellent addition to the Scream franchise, and her character, Mindy, serves as the audience’s voice, asking all the right questions. Mason Gooding also stands out as Chad. Courteney Cox is a veteran of the Scream franchise and delivers a strong performance.

Directors Matt Bettinelli-Olphin and Tyler Gillett return after the 2022 film and deliver a nail-biting sequel. The writing and direction are in sync, and the team’s confidence is evident in every movie aspect. The DOP creates a world with a touch of old-world charm, and the ghost’s face is captured terrifyingly.

One issue with the film is that the characters seem less bothered by their friends’ brutal deaths, moving on to the next scene without acknowledging the tragedy. Additionally, Mindy is stabbed twice in a crucial stage, but ten minutes later, she’s running around without showing any sign of injury.

Overall, Scream 6 is an excellent continuation of the franchise that explores new territory while remaining true to its roots. It’s a scary film that will make you check your locks twice before bed.

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