Hello, my dear Readers. I am back with Episode 7. Thanks to Shivani and Aditi for reading my updates and for their lovely feedbacks. Move on… (Previously I had done a month leap) So kindly checkout that episode for a better understanding.

Episode 7
Narrator : In the previous episode we saw that some Mishku (Mishti and Kuhu), Abinal (Abir and Kunal) and Kabir and Parul scenes. Let’s see what’s going on.
Mishti is going somewhere in the car. She has to cover a very long distance. She starts thinking the incidents that occured 16 days ago.

Flashback ;
Abir : Mishti, do you wanna drink coffee?
Mishti : No, Thanks. (With a fake smile)
Abir : Come on! Mishti, we came to cafeteria to eat or drink something and you are saying that you don’t wanna drink coffee too.

Mishti : First of all, my sister insisted me to do this project with you. And I was here to discuss with you about the assignment not for enjoying here.
Abir : As you wish! (To the waiter) Excuse me, please. Bring a cold coffee for me.
Waiter : Sure, sir. And ma’am you?
Mishti : Me? (Thinking) Cappuccino.

Abir is stunned. The waiter goes.
Abir : Wow! When I asked you, you told No, thanks (in a mimicry way). And when that waitor asked you told “Cappuccino” (in a funny way)
They both had a sweet-sour conversation.

The scenes turns towards KuKu.
Kuhu : Ma’am please trust me, I haven’t done anything. My…
Madam : Miss Kuhu Maheshwari, please don’t give me useless explanations. If you had not done the leaking of papers then what were you doing in the dean’s cabin?(To Shaurya) Mr. Shaurya Maheshwari, can’t you teach your daughter manners and etiquette? It’s good for you that Vishambharnath Maheshwari is the close friend of Dean Ambarnath Gupta.
Shaurya : Madam, you are misunderstanding my daughter. She won’t do any such act.

Madam : I don’t know Mr. Shaurya. But your daughter is suspended for 1 week from this college.
Shaurya : But ma’am…
Madam : You may go now.
They both go out from the office. Outside the cabin students are talking rubbish about Kuhu. Kuhu feels Frustrated. She walks in an angry mood from there. She comes to Kunal. Kunal is sitting next to Purva consoling her. Kuhu goes infront of him. Kunal gets up from the bench.
Kunal : Kuhu…

Kuhu gave him a tight slap.
Kuhu : So, this was your friendship?
Kunal : Kuhu, try to understand Purva didn’t want to be failed. That’s why… She went in dean’s cabin for…
Note : Here they are not be seen in crowded place
Kuhu : Leaking the papers, cheating? (To Purva) Yeah, you? You are that girl.

She tries to slap her. Kunal stops her.
Kunal : Kuhu (he screams) I am telling you na, it wasn’t her fault. It was your fault that you came following me. Then when lecturer Agastiya opened the door you were infront of him so he thought… And by the way, why you came in the midnight to college?

Kuhu : Yeah! I know that Lecturer Agastiya saw me and he thought that I am leaking the exam papers. So what were you doing at that time? Don’t you have a mouth to say the truth? Or don’t you have courage to speak the truth?
Kunal : Kuhu (he screams)
Kuhu : Don’t scream Mr. Kunal Rajvansh (in a loud voice) because I too know how to scream. And you are asking me na that what was I doing in the college in midnight? So listen I was coming to the library as we, sorry I had to complete the assignment. I forgot in day, so I came at night for taking a book from library as library remains open in night also. But I saw that there was a light coming from dean’s cabin. Then I came to see. You don’t have any tension for your assignment. But I was a fool who was taking tension for you. Mr. Kunal Rajvsansh.

Kuhu leaves the venue. Now the drama of Purva starts.
Purva : I am sorry Kunal. I didn’t wanted to cheat but it was my situation. I didn’t had any option left. My grandpa’s health was deteriorating. He was admitted to hospital…and..

Kunal : Purva, please don’t take stress. I know you were really too tensed. Kuhu is like that only. Leave her.
Kunal too leaves the venue. Purva smirks.
Just then Mishti and Abir come to the college.

Kuhu and Shaurya are leaving the college. Whereas Kuhu’s tears were flowing. Abir see both of them.
Abir : Mishti, see are they Uncle and Kuhu?
Mishti sees and says : Arey! Yeah! But what they are doing here? Wait! I will go and see.
Mishti and Abir goes towards them. Kuhu is crying.

Kuhu sees Mishti and hugs her tightly. She was weeping too bitterly. Abir is tensed, thinking what happened?
Mishti : Kuhu, why are you crying? Calm down.

Shaurya : Kuhu, let’s go to home. Mishti you also come beta.
Mishti is worried. Abir is worried too. Mishti, Kuhu and Shaurya left the venue.
Abir : I don’t know what happened. I think Kunal will definitely know what really happened. (He is going towards Kunal)

Present ;
Ramu Kaka : Didi, we had arrived.
Mishti is lost in the thoughts.
Ramu Kaka : Didi, (in a loud manner)
Mishti comes into reality and asks whether they reached or not.
Ramu Kaka : We had arrived.
Mishti : Oh, Kaka, You please wait here only I’ll come in sometime.

She heads towards the temple.
Mishti : Mata Rani, Kuhu is really heart broken. I remember how she used to cry till several days. I know Kunal did wrong. But he realized his mistake and apologized too. Mata Rani, I request you to please return my old Kuhu, my joyful Kuhu, My cheerful and Positive Kuhu. She used to encourage me, she used to cheer me up whenever I am in need. Now she needs that encouragement. But I couldn’t give her because I am not Kuhu. But you, you give her the courage she need. Please.
(She is crying) Please…

Mishti is leaving the temple and she sees Kunal. Kunal too sees her. And he heads towards Mishti.
Kunal : Mishti, I know I was wrong. I was trapped in the Purva’s plan.
Mishti : I know, Kunal. But first just answer me one question, Purva betrayed you by saying that her grandpa’s health is not good, but her grandpa was well, fit and fine. She lied you. And when you came to know her truth you were broken, right?
You thought that Purva cheated you. She trapped you. Did she broke your heart? How you felt?

Kunal : Yeah, Mishti. She broke my heart, my trust, our friendship. I felt too disappointed…
Mishti : Then think what Kuhu had felt when you didn’t took her side, when you too confess that she was leaking the papers and you and Purva just came to check what is going on in Dean’s cabin?
You were her friend, right? But being a friend, you can’t take her side. You didn’t utter a word against your so-called Purva.
Kunal : Mishti, I know I am wrong. But please can’t she forgive me? She is having a much bigger heart than me. So…

Kuhu comes in the temple and sees both Kunal and Mishti talking. She heads towards Mishti.
Kuhu : Mishti, maa is calling you. It’s too late. Come on, let’s go first.

Kunal : Kuhu, actua…
Kuhu : Mishti, come fast na.
Mishti sees Kunal and says to Kuhu.
Mishti : Yes, Kuhu. Let’s go.
They both leave the temple. Kunal is sad with Kuhu’s behavior.

Background music plays _____________________

Khushiyaan bhi baatein
yeh rishtey kabhi hai laate
Aasuu ke mausam khud hi
uljhe hue se…
kabhi hain yeh dhagon jaise
jaate sulajha yeh khud hi

Aankhon ko yaar hai na
intezaar hai na….
tera khumar hai na

Meri toh har baat
Mein tu…hi….
Sang din raat hai na
yunhi tu mere saath rehna
seedhi si yeh toh baat hai na
yeh rishtey hain pyaar ke….

Highlights : Flashback of Mishbir cafe scene, KuKu’s fight, Kuhu’s confrontation, and in present, Mishti’s emotional breakdown in temple and confronts Kunal. And Kuhu’s ignoring part.
Author’s note : Will present you the other part and flashback on Thursday. Thank You for reading. Keep smiling😊

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