#Enmity to Love #Riansh #15 Sad Riddhima, A new friend

Vansh : You are, sweetheart..

Riddhima : Ugh.Okay I am..Happy now ? 

Vansh : Hmm..

Siya came , Riddhima treated her and she left..Like this, it was afternoon. Kabir came there..

Vansh : What is this b**tered doing here..? 

Riddhima : Vansh , stop it..(turning to Kabir) Kabir you here ? 

Kabir : I have organised a party at my house , tonight , will you come ? 

Riddhima : Well..I will think 

Vansh : Riddhima, the doctor’s call came, he is saying that you have to go for regular checkup. (looking towards Kabir) Oops..She can’t come..

Kabir : Okay..Get well soon..

Riddhima : hmm

Kabir goes while Riddhima is sad.

Vansh notices that. 

Vansh (in his mind) : Let’s plan something for her.

He rings Ishani.

Vansh : Hello , Ishani 

Ishani :Yes bhai

Vansh : Can you come to XYZ  address ? 

Ishani : Hmm.but why ?

Vansh : Actually , I have to plan something for her , she is not well so can you take care of her and bring her home at 3 pm after 2 hours..

Ishani : Done, I am coming.

He hangs up.

Riddhima : Vansh , where are you going ? 

Vansh : I have an important meeting, Ishani is coming to look after you..

Riddhima : Ok..

Ishani comes and greets Riddhima while Vansh goes. 

Riddhima finishes her work at 2 pm. 

Riddhima : Ishani , let us go,

Ishani : 3 pm.

Riddhima : Ok , You come at 3 , here are the keys (pointing) I am going.

Ishani (murmuring) : Bhai will kill me…

Riddhima : Hm ? 

Ishani : Nothing..We will go after some time..

Riddhima : Ishani , please.

Ishani : Ok ..

Ishani and Riddhima drive the car and are at home now. Ishani rings Vansh . 

Ishani : We are back..Riddhima became Ziddhima..

Vansh : Ok, no issues.

She hangs up . 

Riddhima is passing by Vansh’s room and sees decoration..

Riddhima : What is all this ? 

Vansh comes from behind : Decoration..You didn’t like it ?

Riddhima : Umm…I don’t wish..I am going..

Riddhima is about to go when Vansh stops her , she is about to fall when : 

They both share eye lock for 2 minutes and then Riddhima jerks. 

Vansh : What happened ? You don’t like me ? 

Riddhima is quiet. Vansh holds her hand , she jerks it . He tried to hug her but she moved him aside. 

Vansh : Riddhima , what happened ? 

Riddhima is looking towards a bouquet of roses which is kept on the table and smiles . 

Vansh : Jahaan teri yeh nazar hai , sweetheart , mujhe khabar hai..

( I have news , where you are looking, sweetheart) 

Riddhima : Khabar hai toh newspaper mei publish kar lo .

( If you have news, then post it in the newspaper.)

Vansh : Riddhima, you don’t look good , when you are sad.

Riddhima : Well , I know that ..

Riddhima heads towards the bouquet as she is obsessed with roses. 

Vansh : Thank God ! 

Riddhima : Roses…

She holds the  bouquet . 

Vansh : You like it ? 

Riddhima keeps it on the table again .

Riddhima : No 

She is leaving.

Vansh : Riddhima, I bought a dress for you..

Riddhima turns. 

Vansh : Please wear it for me..

Riddhima goes to wear it and comes..

Vansh : Stunning , sweetheart . 

Riddhima goes to the dressing table . Vansh sees the dress’s zip open , he goes to zip it up.

Riddhima : Vansh ..

Vansh : Calm down sweetheart, I am helping you..

He zips it and makes her dance ..Riddhima smiles. 

Vansh : For this smile..I love you.

Riddhima : I love you too..

They both sit on the bed talking to each other. There’s a knock on the door..

Riddhima : I am going to change..

Vansh : Hmm.

Vansh cleans the room and makes it like it was.

Uma : Open the door..

Vansh : Hm..

Uma : Vansh and Riddhima , what were you doing ? 

Riddhima : Office meeting was going on virtually..

Uma : Ok..Have some snacks. 

Riddhima : hmm..

They have snacks and then Riddhima’s phone rings . It’s Kabir

Riddhima : Hello 

Vansh puts the call on speaker. 

Kabir : Hi Riddhima, I told you there’s a party right..

Riddhima : Hmm, but I can’t come..

Kabir : Actually , that is  for Ragini and me, we both love each other and are gonna announce it to all ..

Riddhima : Oh, wah .Congratulations..

Vansh : Congratulations Kabir..

Kabir : Thanks

Riddhima : Enjoy ..

She hangs up . 

Vansh : Thank God ! That b**tered is away from you..

Riddhima : Uhm..

In the hall : 

Riddhima is standing with Vansh . A girl comes running and hugs Riddhima. 

Vansh : Who are you ? 

They both break the hug. 

Riddhima : She is Sejal , my friend..

Vansh : Oh..

Riddhima : Sejal , how come you here ? 

Sejal : Missing you..

Riddhima : Hm..

Sejal : Let’s go to my place..

Riddhima : Vansh ..May I ? 

Vansh nods and says,”But go carefully”

Sejal : Riddhu , he is your…and why are you staying here ? 

Riddhima : I will explain to you, now let’s go..

Well , I wanna ask you, do you want any jealousy one ? Also, someone of you missed pics so I have put..

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