HO GAYA PYAR TUMSE…let’s feel it….(shot 11)

Everybody is sitting near Mehul.

Mehul: kunal,don’t you have college today?

Kunal : nothing is important than you papa.

Mehul: your girlfriends will miss you. I will not get better fast if you stay here…

Kunal: no I will stay.

Mehul:don’t be silly, go my son. Kunal looks abir and others.

Kunal : fine. You will not let me stay anyway.

Mehul:kunal stop. Atul is also coming.

Atul: I knew it. Atul and kunal together leaves. Abir looks at mehul.

Abir: I don’t have college.

Mehul: office toh hai na?

Abir: sweetheart! I will not.

Kaushal: let two of us be here.

Mehul: there will be a lot of work at office. Why should we lag ?

Abir: first you, then comes everything.

Mehul: son, I am fine. Responsibilities come first.kaushal will have to handle it in my absence. You should help him.

Kaushal: who will be with you?

Mehul: doctor’s nurse sab hai.

Mehul convinces abir with lots of hardwork. Abir leaves with a heavy heart. Mehul looks on.

Maheshwari house is shown. Mishti comes back after bath. Badima signs vishwamber to say. Mishti notices the mess.

Mishti: do you guys have something to say?

Kuhu: nahi!

Mishti: Kuhu!?

Kuhu: ha!

Badima and badipa looks her.

Mishti : something serious,right?

Badima : A proposal has come for you. Mishti frowns.

Badipa: just meet,there is no problem in meeting.

Kuhu: what if you get your soul mate?

Mishti: I don’t want to. I am not ready for a relationship now.

Badima: everyone needs someone to walk along… please for us just meet once.

Mishti: okay I will meet but if I don’t like, I will say no. No one can object.

Everyone smiles. Mishti gets a call and leaves to answer.

Mishti: hello…

Varun :  dr.mishti it’s me Varun.

Mishti: yes sir bolo…

Varun: you can take  leave today… and join tomorrow for day shift. You are reappointed in your post back. Is it clear?

Mishti: yes sir…

Varun cuts the call.

Mishti (mind voice): why would he do so suddenly? Did tarun said got to know?

Mishti gets deep into her thoughts.


Hello… am I lagging too much?should I change my style?any suggestions friends? Hope you are liking it.

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