Made for each other..(Part-12) #IMMJ2

Vansh and Riddhima were driving back to college.Vansh dialled Angre’s number.

Angre(sleepy voice): Hello…who??

Vansh(looking towards Riddhima): VR,it’s me.

Angre: I’m not VR….wrong number.

He was about to hang up when Vansh spoke,

Vansh: It’s me….Vansh.

Angre: Oh Vansh..(yawning).what happened?

Vansh: We’re coming back and will reach within 15 minutes.Don’t lock the door…And may sleep.I’ll come and lock the door.

Angre: Okk.

Vansh kept the phone in his pocket and looked at Riddhima,who was looking at the night sky.Breaking the silence,Vansh spoke

Vansh: Riddhima..I’m really sorry.Because of me,you had to..

Riddhima: It’s okay Vansh,please don’t feel guilty….Even I enjoyed your birthday party.

Vansh said nothing but just smiled.

Vansh: Acha Riddhima,after you reach your hostel room,don’t forget to inform me.

Riddhima nodded.

After this no one sopke.Around ten minutes later,they reached the campus.Vansh dropped Riddhima at her hostel.After Riddhima informed him that she had reached her room,he also left for his room…..As he had already informed Angre,the door was open and lights were switched off.He entered and went near the switch board.But as soon as he switched on the light…BOOM…the cake was smashed on his face.HAPPY BIRTHDAY BHAI,Angre shouted .It was so quick that Vansh didn’t get time to react.He was so shocked that he was standing motionless and emotionless.Angre shook him.After he was in his senses,Angre hugged him and wished him.Vansh too hugged him back.

Vansh: Thank you Angre..But you were slept right.

Angre: Who said!…earlier I had slept as I thought you would not be returning.But after you called,I couldn’t wait….by the way,how was everyone at was your birthday party…and yes,it was your first birthday with bhabi….tell naa.Why are you not speaking?

Vansh: Angre,I’ll speak when you will let me speak…wait….how did you know about the party and why did you call Riddhima as your bhabi?

Angre: Umm…Vansh…umm…leave it…tell me how it was?

Vansh: It was awesome.

Angre: Did you say anything to Pranati?

Vansh: Ohhh,so you knew everything.No..I didn’t say her anything…..Angre,let’s go out..we’ll enjoy and come back.

Angre(with a stern look): No…not at all.Vansh,it’s already 3:45 am. You should sleep now.You won’t be able to sleep tonight as well….And if you don’t sleep now,you’ll have headache and…

Vansh: Acha baba..we’ll not go…..Good night.

Angre: Good night.

Hey guys,this is it for today…I know it’s quite short..and I’ll try to make the next one lengthier.

Stay happy,healthy and safe…



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