The game of destiny#Riansh#Sweet live story!! Intro

well.. Hello everyone, This is my first ff!! Hope you all will shower it with your love and support ☺..! 


VANSH RAI SINGHANIA: A successful business tycoon. Very sincere towards his work, He is very serious type of  person and doesn’t believe in love. Elder son of Uma Rai singhania. 

ISHANI RAI SINGHANIA: Younger Sister of Vansh. A very joyful person. One of best friends of Riddima. 

UMA RAI SINGHANIA: Mother of Vansh and Ishani. Single parent. 

CHANCHAL RAI SINGHANIA: Mother of Aryan and kabir. Chachi of Vansh and Ishani. 

AMAR RAI SINGHANIA: Husband of Chanchal. Father of Aryan And kabir. 

ARYAN RAISINGHANIA: He’s also a businessman i.e helps his brother vansh in business. Younger Brother of Kabir. 

KABIR RAI SINGHANIA: He’s also a business man. Elder brother of Aryan

RAGINI GARG : Girlfriend of Aryan. 

SIA SHARMA: Younger sister of Riddima. Love pulling leg of her sister. Study in college and loves dancing. 

SEJAL:Best friend of Riddhima and Sia(Lives with them in their house).. Is a Orphan. Party planner by profession. 

RIDDIMA SHARMA: A very chirpy and fun loving girl. Elder sister of Sia. They are also an orphan. Physiotherapist by profession. Friends with Ishani and Sejal. 

That’s all. Please guys keep supporting and loving. I will post episode soon. 


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