Woh Chaand Toh Mein Hoon – SHOCKING TRUTH ( EP 18)

Hai friends Sorry for a boring episode in the previous part. Hope you guys will like this one.

Episode starts. It’s next morning

Kartik and Naira are at home. Naira’s mobile rings it’s an unknown number

Naira: Kartik..

Kartik: Dont panic

Naira picks the call and puts it on speaker

Voice: Hai..Naira…do you know something..yesterday I saw you at the Oberoi looked so stressed for Anika and I liked it

Naira: So it was you who scared her

Voice: Only if Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s mother in law had left me..I need not have contacted you or entered the garage to meet my sweetheart

Naira: She is married

Voice : (a small laugh) that doesn’t change her relationship with me..see I have been giving all lose talks..i called to inform you that I’ll send a message through a letter regarding where to give the plan.  Bye

The call disconnects

Kartik: Naira something isn’t right ..I think Anika’s mom is hiding something

Naira: Kartik…she is going to meet this blackmailer..I heard her phone call yesterday

Kartik: Then let’s follow her

Naira: Why don’t we inform her about this

Kartik: Are you mad..see we are not only doing this for saving Anika but also in a hope that Adi is innocent..if we tell her we can’t achieve the second

Kaira get ready in all Jasoosi mode

Kartik takes his bike and Kaira follow Anika’s mom’s car.

The car stops infront of a godown

Anika’s mom gets out and goes inside the godown.

Kartik: How do we see him

Naira: Through that

Naira points to a window  at a corner

They both go there. Only the blackmailer’s back is shown

Voice: You haven’t given what I want

AM: I cant

Voice: But why

AM: You know it already

Voice: This burn right

AM: I can’t reveal how or why you got …to our daughter

Kartik and Naira are shocked

Kartik: He is Anika’s Dad…

Naira: Kartik…this is

Voice: But why

AM: Are you mad our daughter or our son in law will never accept a womaniser

Voice: Ill meet her at any cost..I have spent years away..just a single meet that’s it

AM: Do you remember how she fell unconscious seeing you yesterday..please don’t take risk

Voice: But

AM: So you won’t listen right..I have told the right way to Shivaay..he will take care

She leaves out. Kartik and Naira get into hiding

Naira: Kartik…Whats all this..womaniser and all

Kartik: I think we must approach Raman uncle and tell this..there is something else too

Naira: I agree. The scene freezes.

Urvashi is eagerly waiting for the marriage scene to be shot that day

Krish: Hey Urvashi Kartik has gone home on an urgent note so his dates aren’t available for few days..let’s shoot your death scenes till then

Urvashi’s face has such a huge frown expected wedding and its death now

Urvashi stares her. The episode freezes


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