Krishn forgive kaaliya’s act :-

Radha, aayan and their friends were playing, near the Yamuna river. Then, krishn, balaram and their friends came there. Aayan provoke vridhavaan basis to play a match with them. Balaram accept his challenge. They start playing, krishn threw the ball into the river, Radha ask him, go and get the ball. But, he refuse her. Radha get very angry and she said, you never play a fair game, you always do some mischief things and irritate me. You don’t want to get the ball, I will get it by myself.

      IN MIND VOICE :- balaram asks krishn, to stop her, otherwise the kaaliya snake will attack radha. He is waiting for an opportunity to attack her, if you don’t stop her, it will became a big problem now. Already the kaaliya snake is very angry on you. Krishn said, he will handle the situation.

REALITY :-  krishn stops her, and says…… Radha just stop, I will get the ball. But, on one condition, if you will call me with my name, then i will get it.

FLASH BACK :- After they celebrate Diwali, Radha get very angry on krishn and she went to forest. Krishn went behind Radha and ask her, why she is very angry on him. She said, once again you use your magic and make me fool. I am not going to talk with or argue with you anymore. Radha this much of anger and fear is not good for you, just leave that. She said, if you were not in my life, i am not gonna afraid of anything. He said, ok then until you don’t call with my name, i am not gonna near to you and not listen any to your words.(Radha what you have done is absolutely right, because….. if any one irritates us, we also done the same thing, in fact we will react more than you and definitely slap him)    “FLASH BLACK ENDS”

She said no. If you want to go, just go and get the ball. Otherwise, I will go that’s it. No more argument in this. He said, I will go and get the ball. He enters into the river, then suddenly kaaliya snake came out from the river, the snake wrap krishn and merge into the river. All were get shocked and get tensed. Some people went to radha’s house where RADHAKRISHN parents, aayan parents are discussing about something. They inform that one big snake, attack krishn. Yashoda miyya heart broken into so many pieces and start crying, kiriti maa control her and they all went near to the river. They all Start worrying about him. They all asking him to came out but their is no response. Radha also worried for him, but not calling him to came out. In her mind, she asks him, why you are not coming out.


Krishn get free by himself, and start warning him to leave the river. But, the kaaliya snake is feeling very proud on his powers and start attacking krishn. Krishn warms him, so many times but he is very over confident about his power and he was not in state to understand what is right and what is wrong. Krishn loose his patience and attack him. The blood flows in water.


Everyone saw the blood and they thought, it was krishn blood. Jatila (aayan’s mother) and aayan felt very happy. Yashoda miyya collapsed (no mother can control her feelings, when her son is in danger, if she had a chance to give her life, for the sake of her children, without thinking, they are ready to sacrifice their life.) Radha get so worry and shout his name. “KRISHN” please come out (bgm plays) After listening radha’s words, he came out. (After seeing krishn, unknowingly she smiles and happy tears came. She doesn’t understand,s why she was so happy but her heart knows the reason.) He stand on kaaliya snake and start dancing, all were so happy at the same time they all were shocked. After the dance, kaaliya snake ask krishn to forgive him and request him to gave his powers back, because, eagle is trying to harm him. He said, don’t worry. I placed my foot prints, on your head. No one can harm from this second until you don’t became over pride on your powers. He said thank you to krishn and he left the river. Krishn earses every one memory except Radha and he backward the time. Radha get shocked, after seeing everyone is playing the game.

Ok friends……… Today’s update is completed, I hope you all will enjoy this one.

Happy merry Christmas to everyone



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