Santoshi Maa 25th December 2020 Written Episode Update – Devesh goes towards Indresh’s house to find the truth of Bubli.

Santoshi Maa 25th December 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Devesh pointing gun towards Swati & she gets scared while his mother is trying to stop him but he doesn’t. Devesh asks Swati to tell the truth what is happening but she gets scared asking him what? Devesh’s mother is telling him to not to do something which will create problem for us. Devesh sends all his family members out of the room & alone he is asking Swati that who are you & how you reached here & she getting scared tells him that I am Swati but he is blaming him saying yes you have lot of names I guess.
In Indresh’s house Indresh is trying to apply medicine paste on Bubli’s legs but she is scared to not to allow him or will see the star signs while Lovely is cursing her saying that to see how drama she is doing getting service by her husband. Bubli reasoning Indresh that I can’t allow you to touch my legs which is wrong & Indresh’s mother also supports her telling Indresh she is right as how a wife can allow her husband to touch her legs so Lovely says then I’ll apply & again Bubli gets scared so she tells her I will only apply as I do not wish to trouble anybody but then too Lovely insists while Singhasan tells her let we go & apply & Lovely applies it but the signs are not seen which Bubli had hidden already in washroom hence she relaxes.
Devesh is telling Swati that fine I won’t hit you but tell me the truth & she tells him that I am Swati itself & your house address was given to me by my friend Bubli. Devesh gets confused asking her who Bubli?
Bubli plans to make Indresh as her husband now as she won’t get this chance again hence she catches hands of Indresh telling him that I don’t know but I am feeling that your father seems to be my father in law I guess & may be you are my husband so is it possible we remarry with all rituals again because you told in temple to Didi that your parents weren’t there in our marriage & he gets very delighted while Indresh’s mother also hears this & joyfully calls Singhasan to see that Swati has recovered as she remembers everything now. Singhasan comes running & Indresh’s mother tells him whatever Bubli said & he gets so happy that he says I had already accepted you as my daughter in law but now officially we will arrange for remarriage with all rituals.
Swati prays Mata Santoshi & tells Devesh that Bubli looks exactly similar like me & hearing this Devesh feels something fishy & leaves immediately to Indresh’s house informing all his family members that to not to open any windows or doors till I return while Swati tries to stop him but in vain.
Devesh leaves & Swati tries to call Bubli but her phone falls down in hesitation while Devi Polomi feels alarmed about Devesh going towards Indresh’s house to see Bubli & gets bugged.
Bubli is feeling in love with Indresh & thinks to make this her family henceforth as the way Indresh took care of her nobody has done earlier for her but receives call from Swati.
Swati tells Bubli about all the truth she disclosed to Devesh who is coming to see her & Bubli gets scared cursing Devesh but Swati shouts her to not to utter wrong against her husband & plans to run away seeing Devesh arrived.
Devi Polomi shouts seeing Devesh near Indresh’s house & says this I won’t make it happen but Devraj Indra comes asking her what happened & she tells him to see what is happening at Devi Santoshi’s devotee’s house which I won’t allow this but he alerts her telling to not to cross any limits but may you win to come to me again & leaves.
Bubli packs her bag & throws out of the window cursing Devesh & getting scared of arrest so also tries to jump from window but Indresh gets up asking her where are you going & can’t you see your leg is affected. Devesh enters the compound of Singhasan’s house while Bubli gets shocked but holds his hands asking him various promises of love forever & if told the truth than he won’t leave & he promises her & as she is about to tell the truth Devesh rings their house bell several times by which all wake up & Indresh immediately leaves to see who is it inspite Bubli trying to stop him.
Devesh enters the house & Singhasan as well as Indresh asks him who are you & he gives his identity but Indresh recollects him seen in temple once searching his wife so asks him what you want from us & he throws the photos of him & Bubli’s marriage saying I am searching her while Bubli is hiding behind wall.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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