HO GAYA PYAR TUMSE let’s feel it….(shot 20)

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Episode starts….
At night, Mishti is seen upset at her room…

Mishti ki phone rings…


Abir:come outside jaldi, I am waiting.

Mishti:I can’t,everyone is awake.

Abir:you are not that innocent,come saying some lie.

Mishti: I really can’t…

Abir cuts the call and looks at the house. Mishti slowly
walks out.

Mishti: Badima and badipa is there… I can’t go in front of them.

Abir:what is going on… will she come or not?

Abir decides to go in and enters through gate. Abir notices Mishti in balcony and gets surprised to see her jumping from there.

Mishti:come fast…

Abir and Mishti runs outside.

Abir:you jumped from that height,omg!

Mishti: Are you a PT sir?

Are you a sports person?

Are you any team selector? Then why are you talking about the jump.

Abir:I don’t want to talk…

Mishti:then,why did you call me out?

Abir:I don’t want to talk about your jump!

Mishti:tell me,why did you call me?

Abir:you remember the photo,right? Tell me clearly what you noticed in that.

Mishti:kya? Notice…I just saw it once,then it got auto deleted in 2 minute.

Abir:we should have some clue to find it out… come on think.

Mishti:you also have seen,can’t you remember?


Mishti thinks of the pic and gets something.

Mishti:Abir… I think it was a bathroom..

Abir and Mishti discusses further and decides to check the Soni house!

Mishti notice someone behind the tree, Abir also sees someone…

Mishbir: who is there?

Kuku comes out and smiles.

Abir:nanko,what are you doing here?

Mishti:aur tum?

Kunal:I saw you going out,so I just followed you

Kuhu:me too,we usually jumps to do something naughty….

Mishbir:we just came to talk.

Kunal:when did we say no?

Mishti:you go back,Kuhu. What if Badima finds out?

Kuhu:what if you need my help…

Abir:I am here.

Kunal:we can’t leave you alone.

Mishti:it’s a misunderstanding!

Kunal:I know even if you have a bad intention,my brother can’t do anything!

Kuhu:what do you mean?

Kunal:I mean he is so good!what did you think?

Kuhu:#kuhu ki naughty thoughts…

Abir:bro…please understand and leave.

Kuku looks each other and nods saying they can manage at home. Mishbir leaves to Soni house.

Kuhu:it seems like a bigger issue.

Kunal:it’s clear now !

Soni house is shown. Mishbir are looking .

Abir:look Mishti… the watchman is sleeping. How irresponsible?

Mishti:its good for us,come…

Abir:but he should open the gate! Let me awake him.

Mishti:what are you doing? Everyone will know we have come here..what will we say?

Abir:I didn’t think like that,but how can we get in?

Mishti:like this…

Mishti jumps the wall of gate easily.

Abir:take me too,I have come with you…

Mishti helps Abir to climb and jump. They fall down and is having a eyelock. A dog bark is heard.

Abir : is there a dog here?

Mishti:pata nahi.

They look around.

Mishti:how will we get in?

Abir:simple… ring the bell,someone will open…

Mishti:are you born without brain? Come…

Abir holds Mishti’s hand and drags her.

Mishti:what are you doing…

Abir:I have brain since birth..


Abir:The sorrow who have hidden is known to me
You can’t hide it anymore…
I can make my brain away to make you smile
Atleast smile now my choti motu….

Someone mysterious is noticing them from distance.

Abir: glass is used for power,you can’t your feelings behind it!

Mishti:I am okay,Abir….

Abir:Nahi!I know you are hurt…

Mishti(smiles): you are saying as if you are getting hurt for my wound!

Mishbir realises and looks each other…

They hear some scream and looks at behind.

They see kuku hugging.

Mishti:kuhu,kya hua?

Kuhu:Mishti…there is a snake… look there.

Kunal:bhai,make that away…we are scared…

Abir:it looks like you are taking advantage of situation.

Mishti:kuhu,abhi mujhe hug karoo…

Kuku realises and get back.

Mishti :what are you guys doing here?

Kuhu(thinks):woh…ketki ko dekhne ke liye…

Abir:aur tum nanko?

Kunal:I was ketu so badly today…

Abir:we believed it…


Kuku smiles…

Kuhu:we thought there is something troubling you!

Kunal:may be we can help you!

Abir: okay,help us to get in

Mishti:no one should know…

Kunal takes them towards a door and takes a pin from kuhu and opens door easily…

Abir:wow nanko!it’s so easy…

Kunal:it’s nothing my brother….come let’s go..

Mishti:you two wait here,we will go…

Kuhu:what if you need us there like here?

They decide to go in together. Mishti asks kuku to search for ketki’s room…they move away searching…

Kuhu:why did they make this house like this?

Kuhu and kunal hits each other…

Bekhudi plays….

Abir notices that and blinks the light on them. They realise and get back to work. Kuku decides to go together…

Abir:where can I find it,now?

Mishti:I think I should go upstairs… Mishti moves…

Kuku is already there. Kuku opens a door and sees nothing there.

Kuhu:but there is some noise from the bathroom!

Kunal:shall we see?

Kuhu:I feel scared….

Kuku holds hand moves..

Mishti is walking with light and is shocked…

Abir:don’t shout! It’s your reflection!

Abir holds Mishti around her waist tightly and his hand on mouth. Mishti looks him surprised… eye-catching moment….

Kuhu screams… Mishbir realises and runs upstairs shouting kuhu!

They reach and get shocked seeing ketki inside bathroom with blood.

Abir holds ketu.

Abir:Mishti,call doctor…

Mishti:then who am I?

Mishti checks and calls ambulance. Soni family members arrive and gets shocked to see everyone there.

Mrs.soni starts her drama.

Abir:first,answer me what happened to my ketu?

Mishti asks him not to fight…

Mishti:kunal,take the car. I think ambulance may take time.

Abir lifts Ketu… and four of them leaves hastingly.
Soni family is tensed.


Mishti runs and takes her to casualty.

Mishti:sister,call the gynaecologist immediately!I think it’s an abortion!

Abir and kunal are worried.

Mishti comes out.

Mishti:gynac is with her. From primary analysis it seems like an abortion… we should pray for her now…

Abir is saddened deeply…

Mehul calls Abir as they have already found him missing!

Abir:I can’t he would realise it from my sound…

Mishti:I will talk…

Kunal:nahi!he will be hurt.

Mishti:family is to stand by when there is a problem!

Kuhu agrees with her. Mishti takes the call and inform Mehul

Rajvansh and Maheshwari family comes and sees them. Everyone is reminiscing memories with ketu…

Varun comes running..

Varun:how is my ketu..?

Abir stares at him. Mishti signs him to calm down … varun does a drama as if he knew nothing.

Doctor:vitals is getting stable. Safe hai…

Everyone relaxes.

Next morning…
Ketu is shifted to a room. Gynac informs them as ketu has undergone an abortion naturally as per the reports

Mishti:I have duty,I can take care of ketu… you all can take rest if you wish to….

Mehul:nahi,we will be can go beti your patients must have been waiting for you…

Mishti leaves…

In the evening,

Mishti:let me ask Dr.Stella directly about ketki!

Mishti reaches Dr. Stella’s cabin and sees no one there.

Mishti sees report named ketki and takes it. Mishti gets shocked while referring the reports.

Sister:what’s happening dr? What are you doing here?

Mishti:where is Dr. Stella?

Sister:she is attending a patient…

Mishti leaves the room with the reports.

Ketki’s room…

Dr.Stella:she is recovering fast… it’s a good sign everything’s normal now.

Varun:thank you Dr.

Mishti enters…

Mishti:why are you lying Dr?

Everyone looks on.

Abir:what are you saying about?

Dr.stella :she is my patient. It’s my duty here, please leave Dr.

Mishti:I am asking as her elder sister! Why the hell are you lying?

Dr.stella:don’t cross limits,Dr. Mishti!

Mishti:I have proof Dr. Have a look at this reports!

Dr.stella:how dare you to take these reports from my cabin!

Varun:what is this misbehaviour….she is a gynac she knows her duty,you should do only your duty!

Abir:Mishti look at me!clearly bolo kya hai?

Mishti:Abir,it’s Ketki’s report…as per this ketu was given chemicals for inducing abortion.

Everyone shocked. Mishti rocked!

Nidhi:kya abortion ki chemicals?who will do this to my beti?

Parul consoles her.

Mishti:I am not a gynac,but I can understand what’s written in a report,varun sir…

Varun:how can this be possible?

Abir stares at the gynac. Kaushal threatens to complaint.

Dr . Stella:varun sir asked me to lie,otherwise he will kick me out of the job. I am sorry… I should not have done,it’s against ethics,

Varun:kya?why are you taking my name? She is my ketu. I love her more than my life.

Ketki slaps Varun. Everyone shocked . ketu rocked!

Ketki:stop it now.

Ketki reveals her miserable life with Varun. Everyone gets sad.

Abir:how dare you do this to my sister?

Abir thrashes him.kunal stops him.

Kunal:I am also her brother. Kunal slaps him next.

Atul:what about mine?

Varun gets slapped by almost everyone.

Abir:don’t even dare to look at my sister again.

Mishti:don’t even think to threaten us like earlier,we won’t fall in your trap again!

Badipa: threat!

Mishbir reveals getting the message and going to lodge.

Varun:it’s not me!why should I do this?

Kuhu:quiet shameless,I will hit by my heels.

Mehul calls police and get Varun arrested for violence…

Days are passing by….

Mishbir and kuku together makes ketki back to happy mode…. they surprise her and makes her smile….

Ketki is getting fine fast….

Day of discharge arrives…

Abir pays the bill. Kunal holds ketu. Mishti and kuku joins him…

Kuhu:we have a surprise for you…

Mishti comes with a kite. She gave it to ketki.

Ketki:but why should I need it now?

Kuhu:to play…

Mishti:attempt to fly it…

Ketki smiles and tries…

Ketki:but it’s tied,it is unable to fly.

Mishti:it’s your task,you should do this.

Ketki tries again.

Abir(whispers):hey,what are you upto? I can’t understand…

Mishti:you wait and see…

Kuhu:attempt to break the string which is tied…

Ketki breaks it and the kite flies high.

Mishti:if you want to fly,you should break the string which holds you back…

Abir smiles.


Mishti:let’s go now… everyone gets inside .

Ketki thinks and breaks her mangalsutra.

Abir:thanks for giving her courage.

Mishti:she is like my Kuhu now!

Kuku smiles.

Rajvansh house…

Mishbir and kuku with ketki enters…

House is decorated and everyone surprises her.

Ketki smiles and gets tear seeing their love. They continue

It’s evening,

Ketki:I have to say something…

Dadu:come on my girl!

Ketki:I would like to keep myself busy!

Kunal:kaise? Study,job…

Ketki:I would like to manage the engagement of Abir bhai..

Everyone smiles and agrees…

Badipa: you can take care of the function.

Kaushal:but beti,there is only few time left.

Ketki:I can papa!

Mishti and Abir looks at each other.

Mishti:you can do it…

Kuhu:I already have taken the responsibility from girl’s side.

Abir:really bro….? It’s gonna rock then!

Mishti:ketki will also rock…

Their unlimited conversation continues…
Happiness spreading….😊

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