Naagin Season 5 26th December 2020 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 5 26th December 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer dancing with the girl. Bani tells that her determination is strong and she agrees to do anything for Viranshu. She falls down from the sky, in her house and tells chachi that she has lost Viranshu. Jai asks her to marry him. Bani and Jai gets married.

8 hours before: Veer says Music….and dances with the girl on the moon. Song plays ke ghungroo toot gaye….The girl sits on his lap and asks him to come and get ready. Bani tells that she is ready. A voice is heard reminding her…Bani says I know that just as I step on the stairs, I will lose my sight. She steps on the stairs and says my determination is strong, I accept anything for Veer. The Pandit ji calls the bride and groom….The girl comes and sits in the mandap. Veer comes there and asks Pandit ji to chant the mantras fast, marriage shall not stop. Bani climbs on the stairs to reach the moon, but she slips…and shouts…Veer hears her voice. The girl asks what happened and asks him to sit. Bani clings to the stairs and asks Bholenaath for help. She becomes half naagin and climbs up using her tail. She begins walking again. The girl hears Bani’s voice calling Veer and asks Pandit ji to continue puja, until she returns. Bani is about to fall again, when the girl comes and holds her hand. Bani thanks her. Chandini asks if she can’t see. Bani says yes. Chandini asks didn’t you like my name? Bani says you are Chandini and stays on the moon. Chandini says you are really wonderful. Bani asks where is Viranshu? Chandini says he is on the mandap and is marrying me. Bani says he is married to me, and he is my husband. Chandini says he will be mine now. Bani asks her to mind her tongue. Chandini says your relation doesn’t matter and tells that you can’t see that Veer is marrying me and that’s why he is on the seventh cloud. She tells that they had danced so much and her waist is paining, as he held her tightly and asks what she will do? Bani asks her to return her husband.

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